Acid Attacks? You’ll Have That.

Just another day in multicultural paradise, friends.

Our diversity is our greatest strength.

New York Post:

A 21-year-old Long Island woman was assaulted by a suspect who doused her with acid on her own driveway in a disturbing incident her family claims was a “planned attack.”

Nafiah Ikram was left severely burned and nearly blind in the appalling March 17 Elmont attack. Her father, Sheikh Ikram, 50, said Nafiah was targeted on her way home from work.

“No it’s not a random attack, it’s a planned attack,” Ikram told The Post Wednesday night.

“If it was a random attack why did… they waited for her to come home,” Ikram said, adding the suspect could have attacked his wife, who was outside moments earlier.

“They come very closely to her and it was so much acid, like almost… you can say one pound,” the distraught father said.

Nassau County Police confirmed the nature of the attack, and said cops were looking for a tall slim man wearing a hooded sweatshirt and gloves.

“The male suspect was carrying a white colored cup containing a dark colored substance which he then threw at the victim’s face,” cops said in a statement.

Nafiah, who is studying medicine at Hofstra University, and has plans to be a doctor, was rushed to the hospital by her mother, who also works there.

“If I was not home, if my wife was not home…  it would be maybe too late for her to even survive,” Ikram said.

The family does not believe Nafiah was targeted in a hate crime, but says they have no idea why anyone would want to hurt her, let alone in such a vicious manner.

“Why? We don’t have enemies,” Ikram pleaded. “My daughter, she is 21. She don’t have any enemies from her childhood. She is a very friendly person.”

Perhaps her father doesn’t know who did it, but everyone reading this does: it was a fellow Moslem man who thought that she had spurned him, and who probably also thought she was a whore (both things were presumably also true).

This is Islamic behavior, the acid attack. It is yet another thing that we did not have in white countries which was brought to our countries by brown people. This process of bringing things here is called “cultural enrichment,” and we are told by all of the central authorities that this makes our society stronger.

If you don’t know how acid attacks make our society stronger, then you’d better shut up about it – because anyone who questions as to whether we wouldn’t be better off without all of this enrichment is a racist. And racists are pure evil.

Racists are much more evil than say, melting a young woman’s face off with acid.

In fact, racists are more evil than all of the forms of brutal death, torture and mutilation that brown people have brought to our countries – combined.

So, be careful about what questions you have.