Accusations of Consorting with Russian Hackers are No Different Than Accusations of Consorting with the Devil

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 16, 2020

Recently, a women’s ad for the Scandinavian airline SAS was criticized for saying that Scandinavians have no culture and are more or less totally worthless, existing only as a result of stealing ideas from other people.

It was an extremely bizarre and blatantly hateful attack on the cultures of Denmark, Norway and Sweden, in a very aggressive and rude way.

The commercial, released on YouTube by the company, also inexplicably featured an African Negro saying “our viking ancestors.” This is almost too dumb to be offensive, but the bafflement it caused was in itself enraging.

“We wuz vikangz.”

After the video was released, comments were closed and the upvote/downvote ratio became extreme, showing the massive dislike for the mean-spiritedness of the weird ad.

At time of writing, the video has 15,000 downvotes, though it had previously had as many as 35,000 downvotes.

If the people speak and women don’t like what they said, Russians possessed them.

The Swedish media has responded to the controversy by blaming Russian hackers for the backlash. Fria Tider reports that the paper Aftonbladet claimed that those who responded negatively to the video were “trolls” who are working for Vladimir Putin.

Aftonbladet’s Jenny Wennberg, who is an archetypal “dog-faced pony soldier,” published an op-ed with the title “True Sweden Friends Do Not Run Putin’s Affairs.”

Aftonbladet’s Jenny Wennberg: “True Sweden Friends do not run Putin’s affairs,” the Swedish woman cries out as she destroys Sweden.

Stopping short of accusing every person who reacted negatively to the video of being a Russian agent, she said that many were simply “useful idiots” who had fallen into a trap laid by Putinist agents.

She referred to the alleged phenomenon of Russians telling Swedes they should have pride in their nation and history as “the magic war.”

Choose you must the wizard to whom allegiance pledge you: for begun, the magic war has.

“The fact that there are Swedish actors running cases for foreign power is very worrying. Equally worrying is the Swedes’ naivety for how our own actions in social media play a role in impact campaigns against Sweden,” the Swedish woman wrote.

This serves to perfectly demonstrate how the Russian hacking hoax is used to strip people in Western nations of their agency. No one is allowed to have an opinion that differs from that of the establishment, or it is a fake opinion which they only think they believe because their minds have been hijacked by some as yet unclear form of Russian magic.

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The similarities to the medieval technique of accusing people who went against the established norms of society of being in league with the devil are astonishing. There is no need of any evidence that someone is a Russian stooge, and in fact there cannot be any evidence because all of this takes place in the ethereal spaces of the internet, just as communications with the devil took place within the ether.

No one had solid proof of the devil running his operations in the human realm. Yet everyone knew it to be so.
Is there any doubt that white women would support burning men alive for posting messages against feminism and multiculturalism on YouTube, with the justification that they were in league with Russian hackers?

This is, the Russian hacker theorists allege, an otherworldly force that takes over a man’s body and makes it so that his actions are not his own. Due to his sins, he has been brought under the control of an evil power.

However, the difference between accusing someone of being in league with the devil and accusing someone of being in league with Russian hackers is very clear, whether or not you believe in the devil or Russian hackers. In order to qualify as being in league with the devil, a person would need to be demonstrating a very clearly defined set of behaviors, which violated the stable moral order of the time. Conversely, in this modern paradigm of witch-hunting, any kind of behavior can result in accusations of being in league with the Russians – all the behavior has to do is violate the agenda of the establishment, which does not operate with a clear moral framework.

If women were caught dancing naked in a field and engaging in lesbian acts, they would be accused of consorting with the devil.
However, if they were burned, they were being burned for the anti-social activities that could damage the society. The allegations of a relationship with the devil were simply used to justify such drastic measures used to keep the larger society safe.

That having been said, I do not feel there is even a strong need to explain how accusing someone of being in league with the devil was more logical than accusing someone of being in league with Russian hackers, as I do not believe that there are very many people in this, the third decade of the second millennium after Christ, who believe that accusations of consorting with the devil are enough to convict a person. Yet, the analogy between the two phenomena is so obvious that I do not believe anyone could deny it once it is pointed out to them, and so those who make these accusations of a consortium with Russian hackers are put in a position where they must de facto defend demonic possession theory. Because they certainly aren’t able to defend the idea that there is some difference between the two methodologies (other than the fact as stated that demonic possession theory is more stable and reasonable, given its consistent basis of application).

We all have a right to believe what we believe is the right thing. These claims of being the stooges of Russian hackers are cruel and dehumanizing. I believe Scandinavia has a wonderful, historical culture, which they have a right to be proud of, and I don’t think that Scandinavian women have a right to destroy the cultural identity of Scandinavia in their weird quest to create whatever this new society they envision is. Many people feel this way. It has nothing to do with Russia. We are human beings, and we have a right to our own views.