According to Faggots, Faggots are Total Scumbags

Daily Stormer
December 24, 2016

As if we needed more evidence.

Homosexualists love to portray their “lifestyle” as being fun and inoffensive. This is especially the case in movies and tv shows, where they have total control over the kind of message being conveyed to the audience.

But even in their own press, it doesn’t take much reading between the lines to get a completely different picture of these filthy sodomites.

This article, written by some Indian faggot called Aniruddha Mahale, is meant to be a “funny” list of homo cliches, obviously written for other fags. In other words, it’s supposed to be a positive portrayal of these disgusting “people.”

But the author is so delusional, that he doesn’t realize this makes his pervert buddies like complete scumbags and degenerates.

I mean, does this sound like the kind of people you’d want to hang around with?

Aniruddha Mahale: Poo-in-the-loo curry monger and pervert.

The First Post:

The Guysexual guide to: The 50 things you hear at every LGBT party

Prepare for an inside look at this unique subculture. I hope you have a barf bag ready.

I’ll sort these by “categories” for easier reading.

1) Cheapskates

Everyone loves a penny-pincher.

3. ‘Hey, hi! Do you think I can borrow a cigarette from you? Benson Lights? Sure, anything will do.’

5. ‘I think I need a shot…make that two. Can you pay for these? I forgot my credit card in my other wallet today,’

28. ‘This party is so boring; I should have just stayed home tonight. Wait, while you are heading to the bar, get me a beer? No, wait…make it a Long Island Iced Tea.’’

31. ‘Damn, I wish someone comes and buys me a drink.’

35. ‘Have you seen how expensive the drinks are here, I am going to wing it with only one beer for the rest of the night…’

Is this supposed to be charming and witty?

Normal guys don’t beg each other for drinks using passive-aggressive whining. They’ll either buy their own drinks, or volunteer to buys rounds or whatever. This is scumbag behavior.

2) Promiscuous Degenerates

No surprise there. Into the bog they go.

7. ‘I might have made out with that boy at the party last month, but I am not very sure. It was so dark…’

4. ‘Is he looking at me? Wait, is he looking at you? Okay, the first one to talk to him takes him home tonight.’

8. ‘Oh damn! I slept with him! And him! Yikes, and the third one too!

19. ‘…And that’s exactly why you should never ever be a part of an orgy!’

22. ‘I totally don’t mind being objectified right now.’

23. ‘Did you see how he had his tongue down his throat? So sick. Think someone will make out with me like that?

27. ‘…And this funny thing happened, where I told him I might have accidentally slept with his twin brother too…’

49. ‘I am going to play a game where I count the number of people I’ve slept with.

Is it any wonder these “people” are living petri-dishes of diseases and infections?

So much for this idea that homos are monogamous just like normal people.

3) Generally Unpleasant

Homos all hate each other with a burning passion. They hate normal people, too.

6. ‘That shirt on those pants? He’s such a fashion disaster – he should be happy he’s cute!’

14. ‘Oh, you wear sandals? How cute.’

18. ‘Ughhh. This party is full of people I didn’t want to run int-…heyyy! What are you doing here? We were just talking about how lovely the crowd is today!

Sarcastic and hypocritical. How charming.

25. ‘Why did you leave me alone and go? Now stand right here while I scout the rest of the party!’

30. ‘Did you see what he was wearing; it’s so hideous tha – … oh, hi! How are you doing? I absolutely love what you are wearing today!’

37. ‘If I were him, I wouldn’t be wearing that pink dress jacket here. Actually, I wouldn’t wear it anywhere…

38. ‘Want to stand in the corner and make fun of everyone?’

42. ‘That’s a seven, and that’s a five, oh no wait, I think he’s a four…’

44. ‘I think he was wearing the same outfit the last time around.’

46. ‘You are getting there at 10? Who gets there that early? People would think you don’t have a life.

48. ‘Don’t you think the crowd was better last time around?’

The whole “happy family” image they’re trying to sell in their “pride parades” and in their media portrayals is a complete hoax. In fact, they all hate each other and tend to treat each other like garbage.

4) Vapid Idiots

It’s not just an act. They really are stupid and superficial retards.

15. ‘That new Adele song? Story of my life.’

26. ‘ If his t-shirt gets any tighter, he would look like a mannequin. A hot one, but a mannequin nonetheless.’

29. ‘The music is so 2010.’

5) Just complete faggots. Wow.

What’s wrong with these people? I mean, even chicks have more testosterone than this.

16. ‘Can I have a mojito? Hello? Hello? Umm, Mr Bartender?’

17. ‘I want to go pee so badly, but all the stalls are full, and I am too intimidated to use the urinals, you know what I mean?’

24. ‘Oh god, oh god, hide…it’s my ex!

36. ‘I would go and smoke outside but it’s so hot. Do you think the air conditioning is on?’

Is it any wonder that gays are hated by everyone?

And believe me, this is the “light” side of sodomy.

You don’t want to see the “dark” side.

Here it is anyway: