Accomplished British High Culture Rapping Artist Gone Done Get Stabbed at the Event

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 7, 2019

It’s truly a sad day and a bad time when a fine musician of the fine arts of the fine nation of Britain can’t go to the fine TV studio without getting his fine black ass stabbed up.

Shaking my damn head, what a world.

What. A. World.


Rapper Krept has said he is “good” and will be “back in no time” after he was assaulted backstage at a BBC Radio 1Xtra live event in Birmingham.

The sold-out Saturday night show at the Arena Birmingham finished early after the incident around 22:00 BST.

The rapper, one half of duo Krept and Konan, suffered a slash wound. He tweeted on Sunday: “Can’t keep a good man down.”

Police said medical help was given on site and he did not go to hospital.

Krept, whose real name is Casyo Johnson, was not set to perform in the show. No arrests have been made.

It really sad.

Because he’s such a talented figure.

As a white man, I can really sympathize with these lyrics:

Fuck her on the sink, I got pussy on tap
White girl said it’s big, is it ’cause I’m black?

Ha-ha-ha, those white girls.

Truly, I can relate, my African friendship pal. For I myself am white. I hope you will remain in my country and continue to bring me these high cultures.