ACADEMIC BLOODSPORTS: Slippery Jew Nathan Cofnas vs. The Legendary K-Mac!

Benjamin Garland
Daily Stormer
March 13, 2018

20 years after the release of Kevin MacDonald’s seminal work the Culture of Critique, a Jewish academic has finally attempted to debunk it.

You can read his entire paper, which is basically a string of strawman and “yeah but look at this one Jew who is different” arguments, here.

He begins by saying that nobody has yet refuted MacDonald’s work because it is so obviously wrong it’s not even worth the time (to back this up he quotes the Jew Steven Pinker, who has admitted he never even read MacDonald’s work!), but that now it’s time to do so because of MacDonald’s ever widening influence.

He insinuates that if Culture of Critique had been nipped in the bud years ago rather than being allowed to go unchallenged, the Alt-Right wouldn’t have grown the way it did.

K-Mac of course immediately accepted the challenge as soon as it was brought to his attention on Twitter.

The problem is, attacking MacDonald only brings him attention and will make his position even stronger when he demolishes this Jew’s paper with his response.

It’s a lose-lose situation for the Jews.

More and more people are reading Culture of Critique.

Cofnas has been put on the ropes on Twitter as he has realized the can of worms he opened up.

The walls are closing in around him.

Jordan “Clean Your Room Buck-o” Peterson gleefully shilled the for the article and thus will be humiliated right along with Cofnas.

The brilliant Andrew Joyce dished out a brutal Twitter-lashing on Cofnas.

You can smell the napalm over there.

Seriously: after Joyce’s tweets, MacDonald’s response will almost be overkill.

But we won’t feel sorry for the Jew.

Enjoy the JOYCE-O-CAUST for now, while we wait in eager anticipation for MacDonald’s reply:

Luke Ford did a 4 hour stream discussing the paper after it surfaced:

He later did another 4 hours, in which Eric Striker weighed in (beginning at 48:00):

We will keep you updated on these ACADEMIC BLOODSPORTS as they continue.