Absolute Madman: Trump Says Deleting the Jew Star Tweet was a Mistake

Daily Stormer
July 8, 2016


If you apologize, the enemy will only press harder.

In the whole “Jew star tweet crisis,” the only thing that was oddly out of character was that Trump had the tweet removed and modified to have a circle instead of the star. Backing down was never a staple of the Trump campaign.

As it turns out, his people took it down, and he’d have rather left it up.

Washington Post:

Donald Trump said Wednesday that his campaign should not have deleted a tweet containing an image that had been posted weeks earlier on a white supremacist website and featured Hillary Clinton, $100 bills and a red six-point star with the text: “Most Corrupt Candidate Ever!” Although Jewish activists and many others have denounced the image as being anti-Semitic, Trump repeatedly said Wednesday that the six-point star is “just a star,” not the Jewish Star of David, and that media outlets that covered the controversy are “racially profiling.”

“I said: ‘You shouldn’t have taken it down.’ You know, they took the star down,” Trump said to a crowd of several thousand at a rally on Wednesday night. “I said: ‘Too bad. You should have left it up.’ I would have rather defended it — just leave it up and say: No, that’s not a Star of David. That’s just a star.”

For more than five minutes, Trump defended the tweet, uttering the word “star” at least two dozen times and keeping alive a five-day-old controversy that most leaders of the Republican Party had hoped would fade away. Trump tried to narrow the controversy to the proper name of the six-point shape while ignoring that the image had previously appeared on a white supremacist website, according to mic.com, and that it was positioned atop a sea of money, which is a common way to denigrate Jews.


I-it’s just a stereotype goyim!

Of course, the reality is that this image was indeed created by a fellow shitlord and spread on /pol/ before being tweeted out by Trump. Thus, it’s quite certain that the star was in fact meant to be  a “Star of David.”

But the point here is that the strategy of pandering to those who hate you and apologizing to your enemies is not going to win any battles. What applies to Trump applies to each of us as individuals, as well as any organization or party we might start.

We must be strong, we must be confident and we must always keep the moral high-ground. Always remember that we’re the just and moral people. It’s the liberals who are moral lepers.


Why would anyone feel the need to apologize to such a creature?