Absolute Madman Boomer Sets Up Ambush for Police, Firefighters at LA Condo

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
June 27, 2018


Don’t you just love how people all now say, “he snapped.”

And then you’re supposed to nod along as if that explanation makes sense and is sufficient for any reasonable person.

Well, here we go again. Another boomer, “snapped.”


A firefighter responding to an explosion at a retirement home in Long Beach has been fatally shot by a senior resident of the facility, who also injured two more people in what authorities believe to be a planned ambush.

Just before 4:00 am Monday morning, an explosion rocked the Covenant Manor affordable senior housing facility in Long Beach, California. Responding to the scene, firefighters discovered a raging fire at the 11-story building, with windows blown out and sprinklers activated. After quickly putting out the flames on the second floor, Long Beach Fire Department officers went on to inspect the building after smelling gasoline. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) was also called to the scene.

As first responders proceeded with their inspections and evacuation of some 80 residents, shots were fired from within the building. Two firefighters and a civilian were shot in what appears to be an ambush by a resident of the housing facility.

Captain David Rosa, a 17-year veteran of the force, died from injuries he sustained in the shooting, authorities said. Another firefighter, Ernesto Torres, 35, suffered a graze wound but was discharged from a hospital after receiving medical treatment. An elderly male, whose name was not released, was also hospitalized in critical condition. He has undergone surgery.

I never want to pass up on an opportunity to Paddock-post.

Sick spread.

Beware bitter boomers with too much free time, too much money, too much bitterness at the world.

They might just…”snap” one day.

Or maybe there’s something else at play here.


All I know is, until someone explains the Paddock thing to me sufficiently, I’m going to be keeping an extra vigilant eye on boomers. They’re dangerous and need to be locked up as far as I’m concerned.

No one needs to have a high-capacity boomer, their only use anymore is for killing.

We really need boomer control in this country, and we need it yesterday.