ABSOLUTE DEGENERACY: Dutch “Artist” Creates a Hotel Shaped Like a Giant Anus

Michael Byron
Daily Stormer
March 12, 2018

Every man has dreams and ambitions in life.

Some men dream about living a self-reliant existence in the wilderness, waking up to the sounds of running water and birdsong. Other men might dream about owning a business, or starting a family, or ushering in a new era of global White Supremacy.

Then there are men like Joep van Lieshout, a Dutch “artist” who dreamed of creating a hotel shaped like a giant anus.

And whad’ya know? He actually did it, the absolute madman!


Ever wished you could spend the night in a huge anus? Or even drink wine in a big bum? Well, now is the time.

In Belgium a Dutch artist has built an entire hotel in the shape of an anus in a field.

Joep Van Lieshou has called his bizarre creation CasAnus Hotel and even includes a sculpture of a giant intestine complete with veins.

There is even a bed, a shower and central heating and guests can stay the night at the exhibit at the Verbeke Sculpture Park.

Wine tasting has already been organised in the hotel with visitors being urged to taste glasses of Emilia-Romagna.

Event organiser Alice Brown told Vice: ‘After ten after ten years of organizing “classic” wine tastings, often very boring for both wine producers and visitors, we started thinking of different ways of experimenting.’

There sculpture park attracts over 20,000 visitors a year and is home to hundreds of weird and wonderful pieces of art.

The Hotel CasAnus is the latest attraction but a price has not yet been put on the giant anus.

I don’t know what’s more disturbing: the fact that someone created this abomination, or the fact that people are willing to spend €120 a night to stay in it. To be fair, the price includes breakfast.

As soon as I read about this artist and his creation, I thought: “kike.”

Then I thought: “no… faggot.”

Then I paused, rubbed my chin sagely, and concluded: “a kike faggot.”

Alas, I found no solid evidence that Joep van Lieshout is either of those things.

It really is depressing how far we’ve degenerated as a people since we defeated Adolf “So Evil, Wow, Get a Load of How Evil This Guy Is” Hitler. Our Western civilization, once the envy of the world, has become so Judaized and dysgenic that so-called newspapers praise so-called artists for making hotels shaped like anuses and charging people to sleep inside them.

Van Lieshout has been committing crimes against aesthetics for decades. Here are a few of his earlier masterpieces:

A sculpture of a man fucking an animal.

I get a Pizzagate vibe from this one…

… and this one…

Meanwhile, here are a few Dutch artworks from a bygone era:




From a biological point of view, there’s nothing preventing white people from reaching the same artistic heights that we once did. We’re still made from the same genetic material as our ancestors; our DNA remains unchanged.

In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me if there are contemporary masters out there. Their artworks, and the techniques used to create them, are just prevented from reaching mass exposure because the mainstream art world is controlled by – you guessed it – Jews who have a vested interested in (a) defiling gentile society through the promotion of sick art, and (b) prioritizing art that can be created quickly to maintain their vast money laundering ecosystem.

Once we kick out the Jews (“kick out” is a code word for “exterminate,” btw), good art – true expressions of our racial soul – will once again resurface in the public domain.

And then we’ll have a bonfire, a big beautiful bonfire, and all of this degenerate art will be purged from our societies for evermore.