List of Pedophile Sites Hosted by Companies That Banned Daily Stormer (Abridged)

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 21, 2017

Here I will compile a short list of several pedophile advocacy sites which are hosted by companies that have banned me from using their services.

By banning me, these people lost their ability to claim neutrality. As such, by not banning pedophiles, they are tacitly endorsing pedophile activism as acceptable to them.

This is not a complete list.


Enom is owned by Tucows. Tucows banned us from their privacy service and wrote a blog condemning us as evil.

Boy Moment

A forum for homosexual pedophiles. Run by someone named “boyfeet,” who is presumably a homosexual pedophile foot fetishist.

Boys on Your Screen

A forum for homosexual pedophiles that focuses on images of child actors.

Christian Boy Love Forum

Advocates for the acceptance of homosexual pedophilia in the Christian community.


Presents apologetics for sex with children and advocates for legalization, also advocates for the legalization of sex with animals.

Enchanted Island

A forum for homosexual pedophiles.

North American Man/Boy Love Association

A homosexual pedophile group that advocates for legalization of sex with boys. Allan Ginsburg was a founding member.

A forum mainly for homosexual pedophiles, though also includes boards for girl-attracted pedophiles and other sexual fetishists.

Young City

A site for all types of pedophiles to share information and advice of engaging in pedophilic relationships.


GoDaddy set off this whole firestorm by bowing under pressure and banning us from their registrar. Because they said we went too far with a fat joke about a dead communist.

Caution Click

Advocates for the legalization of the distribution of child pornography.

Both Wild West Domains and Domains by Proxy are subsidiaries of GoDaddy.

Many, Many More

I think the point has been proven here. But I could go on and on. Pedophiles operate freely on the open internet, sharing images of boys in swim shorts that they masturbate to and discussing on forums how to have sexual relationships with children and get away with it.

This is a known thing.

And both Tucows and GoDaddy register these domains in their registrars, while claiming that the Daily Stormer has no right to be on the internet at all.

Again: by taking action against us, while allowing pedophiles to operate, they are endorsing pedophilia. Once upon a time – ten days ago – registrars were neutral and because it was not illegal to discuss pedophilia online, these companies were not endorsing it by hosting them. However, times have changed, and registrars are no longer neutral.

So now, they are saying “the Daily Stormer, while legal is not okay with us – but these sites where pedophiles get together and share strategies on how to molest children are.”

Let that sink in, please.