Above Average Intelligence Black Guy has a Message for We Wuz Kangs

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 14, 2016

Here you have an above-average IQ Black guy (still well below the average White, mind you) lecturing Black people who blame Whites for everything and say they’re going back to Africa.

He goes into some details about what is going on in Africa, and the fact that they wouldn’t get the free everything they are so accustomed to there.

Basically, Black people are not naturally whiners. They are naturally violent, hyper-sexual and stupid – these are absolutely biological traits, which are going to be there regardless. However, the whining is a learned behavior, that is possible because of the stupidity.

This is solely the fault of the Jews, who have invented and promoted through their media the insane and delusional concept that the Blacks are an oppressed group.

You could just as easily tell Blacks about how good we’ve been to them, how they owe us, how they should be grateful and do their best to be contributing members of the society we allow them to live in. You could push the meme that they need to be as good as they can, because otherwise we will send them back to the hell of Africa we found them in.

And they would believe it with just as much vigor as they presently believe in the conspiracy theories about a White plot to hurt their feelings and use the police to murder them all for no reason.

There would of course still be a lot of Black crime, and even Black-on-White crime, because they just can’t resist their violent urges, which are an evolutionary trait which resulted from the extremely violent life of ancient Africa.


Africa: Pretty much the same thing as Chicago, just with a slightly different fashion sense.

In particular, they would still rape White women. What you wouldn’t have, however, are the “random” murders of Whites by Blacks, which come directly from the hatred they have as a result of the belief that they are victims of Whites. You also wouldn’t have the riots. If you had Blacks trying to start riots, other Blacks who were not in the throes of bloodlust would say “Tyrone u caint do dat, dem wite folk done did so much fo us, u be gud nah.”

And ultimately, living with them if they had been fed such a belief was and would be manageable. We did it in America, and Whites did it in both Rhodesia and South Africa.

In fact, I would go so far to say that other than Asians, Blacks are the only race Whites could live in relative peace alongside. Arabs/Moslems in particular, but Mexicans/Latinos as well, will organize as a collective and begin trying to take-over society, as we see happening in Europe and America right now, respectively. Because Blacks are so stupid, they have no collective social or cultural agenda and would have no ability to organize themselves if they had such an agenda, meaning that they will just go along with whatever they are told to go along with.

In a now-infamous article I wrote back in 2014 entitled “Blacks Loved Slavery and Regretted Its End,” which was allegedly cited in the manifesto of Dylann Roof, I compiled accounts of former slaves after the end of slavery who were literally heartbroken by the end of the institution. We did have a symbiotic relationship with these people during slavery. They were, in a very real sense, a part of our communities.


“roflmao, nigga, cn u read?” During slavery, everybody got along. More or less.

But that is over and it isn’t coming back. And I don’t think some semi-peaceful Jim Crow type situation is coming back either.

They Just Need to Go

I argue for the expulsion of Blacks, either to some type of reservation in the US, or to Africa, rather than attempting to retrain them with the idea that we are their benefactors rather than their enemies.

Firstly, it would be pretty difficult to retrain them at this point, even if you had already gotten rid of the Jews. You could train the kids, of course, but not the adults, and the project would be extremely expensive, and would result in a lot of serious violence wherein Whites would get hurt.

And there is almost no benefit in doing this. Even if you could fully re-enslave Blacks, what would you do with them? As far equipment, they are now obsolete.

If they were now chilled-out, and not causing problems, maybe an argument could be made for continuing the dem programs indefinitely. But with them both freaking out and killing people non-stop and costing us money while providing absolutely nothing, there is really no argument against mass deportations or putting them on a reservation and just letting them slaughter each other.