About Half of “Covid-19 Patients” in Ontario Are Hospitalized for Something Else

Who could have suspected that this entire virus mania was a gigantic hoax?


Ontario, Canada has acknowledged that many of the people reported to be hospitalized with Covid-19 were actually admitted because of other health conditions and were incidentally found to be infected with the virus.

Of the 3,220 people hospitalized with Covid-19 in the province, 54% were admitted because of the virus, Ontario Health Minister Christine Elliott said on Tuesday. The other 46% were at hospitals for medical treatments unrelated to the pandemic, but they tested positive for the virus.

Elliott said that starting on Wednesday, hospitalization data will be broken down to show cases that were incidental to admission, such as asymptomatic infections. “While this doesn’t change the serious situation in Ontario’s hospitals, it is important to share this data to provide additional context on the state of the pandemic.”

Among Ontario’s intensive-care patients with Covid-19, about 17% are incidental cases, Elliott said. More than 70% of patients were fully vaccinated against the virus before being hospitalized. A further 5.4% had received one jab, while the remaining 24% were unvaccinated. Nearly 45% of Covid-19 patients in intensive-care units were unjabbed. More than 88% of Ontario residents are fully vaccinated against the virus.

The question no one appears to be asking is how much the bias of knowing the person is not vaccinated affects the doctor’s decisions and diagnosis.

Some doctors state quite plainly that they’re the ones who sent people to the intensive care units. People often ignore this or fail to emphasize it enough. Human decisions are susceptible to bias. Who is making sure that doctors are using the same criteria they used before 2020 to send people to ICUs?

This is all a huge scam.

Editor’s Note:

A few days ago, New York admitted to the same statistic.

None of these statistics have any value, of course. These people just make things up.

It’s not really clear what they’re trying to do here, other than to try to cover up the failure of the vaccine.