Abortion is a Massive Distraction

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 19, 2019

Bitch you seem to be under the misunderstanding that someone asked what you’re asking for!

You lads may have noticed that we haven’t been heavily covering the political debate surrounding abortion. This is because I’m not particularly interested in it, beyond the cultural ramifications.

The actual political debate is a total and complete waste of time that’s designed to get you sucked into an emotionally distracting debacle. Because Roe v. Wade isn’t actually going to be overturned. So when Alabama passes this law as a challenge to Roe v. Wade, they’re really just jacking off, creating this massive distraction from immigration.

Of course, Donald Trump was happy to pivot to this. And the Democrats were also happy to do so. Because neither group wants to talk about immigration. Trump wants the people distracted from the fact that he’s doing nothing to stop the biggest flood of immigrants in all of American history, while the Democrats aren’t really interested in continuing to publicly demand total open borders, right out in front of everyone.

I am about as hardcore of an anti-abortionist as you will ever find. I am in fact against all forms of birth control. I believe in outlawing the pill and condoms. In fact, I support outlawing abstinence as a form of birth control, as I believe in the legalization of brutal street rape.

So I’m just telling you: this is a trap.

If there is one thing that Trump is good at, it is ginning up MAX DRAMA. He’s got a fiasco on his hands not just with the immigration issue, but also with his insane pushes for wars in Venezuela and Iran. The whole Chinese trade war thing is also FUBAR. So of course, he wants to steer people back into the ever-comforting zone of the nonstop circle jerk about abortion, and every single leftist is more than happy to accommodate him.

He’s dumping fuel on the fire this weekend, saying he supports exemptions for rape and incest.

This whole “rape and incest” bullshit is like opposing speed limits on the grounds that it may prevent you from fleeing Godzilla.

But I digress.

He is throwing this out there to get the people talking, just to make sure they keep talking, just to make sure this thing keeps on going for as long as possible, while 100,000 “people” are entering the country every month via the southern border – and that is by the Border Patrol’s count; the actual number could be upwards of 300,000.

Abortion is sick and evil, and we absolutely should oppose it with everything we have.

But we cannot let them use it against us.

We must stand strong and focus on the real issue at hand, which is this invasion.

These sluts will be forced to pay the piper for all of the piping they’ve gotten rammed up their goo holes – I can promise you that. A great reckoning is coming – and it is coming swiftly!

The glorious vengeance we take upon these whores will shake the cosmos!

But right now, it is impossible to get the SCOTUS to overturn Roe, meaning that all of this discussion is pointless.