Abe Foxman has Apoplectic Fit After Polish Court Sides with Antisemitic Chanters

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 16, 2014

No one cares anymore, Abe.  Your obsessive whining schtick has run its course.  So you'd better just MOVE ON, JEW!
No one cares anymore, Abe. Your obsessive whining schtick has run its course. So you’d better just MOVE ON, JEW!

The obsessive Jewish psycho-terrorist Abe Foxman is suffering a psychological breakdown after a Polish court ruled that soccer fans who shouted Antisemitic statements at a match will not be charged with a crime.

From Algemeiner:

ADL National Director Abraham Foxman wrote to Polish Foreign Minister Radosław Sikorski to reconsider the decision by Poznan municipal prosecutor Monika Rutkowska.

According to reports, Lech Poznan fans were heard chanting, “Move on, Jews!”, “Your home is at Auschwitz!”, and “To the gas!” during a match against the Widzew Lodz team last September.

Explaining the ruling, reports said that Rutkowska’s decision was based on the argument that the offensive comments were directed at the Widzew Lodz players, not specifically at Jews, and were made in the context of a sporting event, rather than a discussion of political or social issues.

“Ms. Rutkowska’s twisted reasoning cannot stand,” Foxman said. “Anti-Semitic incitement is illegal in Poland, and these chants are clearly anti-Semitic.”

I will agree with Foxman that these most certainly were Antisemitic chants.  And clearly, the Polish prosecutor knew they were.  And yet he decided not to punish the chanters.

This is very good news, and is indicative of a new trend of not simply the people, but government officials, standing up and refusing to be bullied around by the Jewish criminal cartel.