Abby Martin’s Leftist Criticism of Israel Blocked by YouTube in 28 Countries

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 6, 2018

Abby Martin, who long time readers will remember I had a long time crush on (she did not respond to my e-advances, even though I did hear from a good source that she knew about them) before she became too old to be physically attractive to men, has always been a left-critic of Israel.

She has not done much over the last couple of years, but has recently launched a new show on Telesur.

Interviewing the most famous anti-Zionist Jew, she got her show blocked in 28 different countries.


An episode of Abby Martin’s Empire Files, featuring journalist Max Blumenthal and spotlighting rising militarism in Israel, has been blocked by YouTube in 28 countries, including Israel and the UK, for violating “local laws.”

“Just notified by YouTube that Abby Martin’s interview with Max Blumenthal has been blocked from being viewed in 28 countries (including Israel) to ‘comply with local laws.’ Actions disabled & warnings for viewers elsewhere,” the program’s official Twitter account related on Thursday.

Entitled “Jewish-American on Israel’s Fascism: ‘No Hope For Change From Within’,” the episode featured a discussion between Martin and journalist Max Blumenthal about the increasingly militaristic, racist attitude of Israel towards Palestinians.

“YouTube has claimed that it removed my interview on Israel-Palestine with Abby Martin to comply with laws in 28 countries. However, nothing I did or said in the discussion was even remotely illegal, even in countries with the strictest hate crime laws,” Blumenthal told RT in an email.“My comments were based entirely on my extensive journalistic experience in the region and my analysis was clinical in nature. At no point did I denigrate anyone based on their faith or ethnicity.”

Blumenthal said that his comments were “motivated by a strong opposition to Israel’s systemic discrimination against Palestinians,” and his “dedication to equal rights for all.” He called the YouTube’s decision “a political one and likely made under pressure from powerful pro-Israel interests.”

A screenshot from YouTube which accompanied the tweet identified the 28 countries and territories where the 2015 video, was blocked and this list includes most European countries.

Along with being outright blocked in a bunch of countries, it is in “YouTube prison” in the countries where it isn’t blocked – that means it is not indexed in their search, it will not come up as a recommended video, and there are no likes or view counts available.

This sort of treatment has generally been reserved only for right-wing criticism of Jews, or for racially-charged content such as the videos of Jared Taylor.

As far as I’m aware, this is entirely new for left-criticism of the Jewish state of Israel.

In other words, it is a clear escalation of the “shut it down” mentality of the Jewish censors.


I don’t even know what to say at this point with regards to the slippery slope.

RT and Telesur never defended me when I was being censored. They never even defended Jared Taylor. Now the beast has come along to them with their mild leftist criticism of the genocidal behavior of the Jew state and they’re all like “whhaaaaa????”

Abby, you should have defended me when it was all coming down on me.

You also should have given me your WhatsApp before you got so old I couldn’t possibly be interested.

We could have combined left and right-wing anti-Semitism and created the perfect Jew-hating child, who would some day rise up and exterminate these rats (in the most humane way conceivable).

But no.

On both issues… the time has passed.

Here’s the video in question, for anyone with the rights to watch it.