Abbott Takes a Stand, Refuses to Do the Song and Dance for Fentanyl Floyd

“Mommy, Mommy, Mommy. Ouchie, Ouchie, Ouchie.” -From the Sacred Book of the Holy Sayings of Saint George of Fentanyl


The Texas governor was considering pardoning George Floyd for various crimes he committed in Texas, but he realized he didn’t have a leg to stand on so he decided not to run with it.


The name of George Floyd, whose death sparked police brutality protests and BLM riots across the US last year, was removed from the list of clemency recommendations submitted to Texas Governor Greg Abbott.

Abbott pardoned eight Texans on Thursday for crimes committed between 1965 and 2013.

The list of pardoned individuals notably excluded George Floyd, whose posthumous pardon for a 2004 drug conviction was recommended by the state’s Board of Pardons and Paroles in October. The board eventually withdrew 25 clemency recommendations, including that of Floyd, blaming “procedural errors and lack of compliance with Board rules.”

“The Board will review and resolve procedural errors and issues related to any pending applications in compliance with their rules,” Abbott’s Press Secretary Renae Eze said, adding that the governor “did not have the opportunity to consider” Floyd’s case. Eze said Abbott will consider all clemency recommendations submitted to him in the future.

It was time someone took a stand against this Fentanyl Floyd madness, and I’m pleasantly surprised that it was Greg Abbott who made the interception and ran the ball.

George Floyd robbed a pregnant woman and pointed a gun at her belly.

This was not a good person, and the world is a much better place without him.

If only Abbott had the power to pardon Derek Chauvin – now that’s a jig I’d like to see him dance.