Abandoned NYC Synagogue Burned to the Ground

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
May 15, 2017

An abandoned Lower East Side Synagogue was destroyed in a fire. The blaze was significant and required 100 firefighters to extinguish it.

The Congregation who owned this property stopped using the building in 2007. The value of the real estate it is on is worth millions of dollars. The building was slated to be torn down after a deal was struck with the infant-fellatio club to build a series of condominiums in its place.

So was there an insurance policy on this building? If so, who is the lucky Rabbi getting a big pay day for nothing?

Business Insider:

A massive fire in New York City has engulfed an abandoned synagogue, appearing to cause major damage.

The fire was reported at 60 Norfolk Street, in the Lower East Side neighborhood of Manhattan. The building appears to be Beth Hamedrash Hagodol synagogue, which formerly housed an Orthodox Jewish congregation.

But wait, there’s more.


Firefighters battled fire at a historic synagogue in lower Manhattan Sunday evening that sent smoke billowing across the skyline.

The blaze began at 60 Norfolk St. in the Lower East Side around 7 p.m. It quickly grew to a 3-alarm fire inside the abandoned building, according to the FDNY. The fire was placed under control less than three hours later.

For many, part of Lower East Side history at 60 Norfolk street is now gone forever.

“It’s heartbreaking,” Frieda Fried, a lifelong Lower East Side resident said. “But since it had been abandoned, there are no sacred scrolls inside burning.”

This congregation was founded in 1852 and was said to be the oldest Russian Jewish orthodox one in the United States until it was abandoned ten years ago.

Many said the structure was landmarked, but there had been a recent move to demolish the structure to turn it into condominiums.

“It was an absolutely beautiful synagogue,” Fried said. “And now it will probably come down completely.”

There were no injuries and fire officials say it is too soon to determine the cause of the fire or do announce it is suspicious or not.

Will the FDNY launch a serious investigation into the matter? Sure – that’ll happen when Kosher-for-Passover pigs fly.

They will probably blame the hidden army of Lower Manhattan anti-Semites. With the power of the Judenpresse, you can screech loud enough to mask the sounds of Jewish Lightning.

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