A Woman is So Brave

This is a columnist from The Atlantic:

In case you didn’t get what he was saying about the long hair, he noted it for you, parenthetically.

Just try and picture what this guy’s face looks like, before you scroll down.

One of the simple enduring tweets of the day: Edward-Isaac Dovere’s nose hanging down over his lips. No one with a longer nose (in other words: a Jew) has ever Tweeted about a woman taking the oath of office outside at the Capitol before, because she’s the first woman to ever do it.

Women utterly and completely dominate our society, and yet continue to claim to be oppressed victims.

There was this lad named Otto Weininger.


Male vs. female

Sex and Character argues that all people are composed of a mixture of male and female substance, and attempts to support this view scientifically. The male aspect is active, productive, conscious and moral/logical, while the female aspect is passive, unproductive, unconscious and amoral/alogical. Weininger argues that emancipation is only possible for the “masculine woman”, e.g. some lesbians, and that the female life is consumed with the sexual function: both with the act, as a prostitute, and the product, as a mother.[12] The woman is a “matchmaker”. By contrast, the duty of the male, or the masculine aspect of personality, is to strive to become a genius, and to forgo sexuality for an abstract love of the absolute, God, which he finds within himself.

A significant part of his book is about the nature of genius. Weininger argues that there is no such thing as a person who has a genius for, say, mathematics, or music, but there is only the universal genius, in whom everything exists and makes sense. He reasons that such genius is probably present in all people to some degree.

Jewishness vs. Christianity

In a separate chapter, Weininger, himself a Jew who had converted to Christianity in 1902, analyzes the archetypal Jew as feminine, and thus profoundly irreligious, without true individuality (soul), and without a sense of good and evil. Christianity is described as “the highest expression of the highest faith”, while Judaism is called “the extreme of cowardliness”. Weininger decries the decay of modern times, and attributes much of it to feminine (or identically, “Jewish”) character. By Weininger’s reckoning everyone shows some femininity, and what he calls “Jewishness”

That lad got the thing.

He was what you might call: “A true understander of the thing.”

Often called “tapped in, it’s all real.”

He killed himself because he couldn’t deal with his Jewishness.