A Universal Nation is No Nation at All

Diversity Macht Frei
October 6, 2017

A key element of the genocide being inflicted on us is the ceaseless effort by Jews to get us to accept a definition of our own peoplehood that is abstract and deracinated from our ancestral identity. If you want to be truly [insert name of European people here], you have to consent to your own extinction, the argument runs. If you want to be fully [XXX], you have to agree to stop being [XXX]. Our peoplehood is defined by Jews in ways that make it unsustainable.

Here we have a pristine example of this diabolical genre of hate discourse, from neo-con (((David Brooks))) of the New York Times. Of course, he casts it in terms of American exceptionalism, but Jews in France make the same argument in terms of French exceptionalism, and Jews in Britain in terms of British exceptionalism, and so on. In every country created by ethnic Europeans, Jews contrive to find some “unique” reason why the people of that country must allow brown people to colonise them.

The Trump story is that good honest Americans are being screwed by aliens. Regular Americans are being oppressed by a snobbish elite that rigs the game in its favor. White Americans are being invaded by immigrants who take their wealth and divide their culture. Normal Americans are threatened by an Islamic radicalism that murders their children.

This is a tribal story. The tribe needs a strong warrior in a hostile world. We need to build walls to keep out illegals, erect barriers to hold off foreign threats, wage endless war on the globalist elites.

Somebody is going to have to arise to point out that this is a deeply wrong and unAmerican story. The whole point of America is that we are not a tribe. We are a universal nation, founded on universal principles, attracting talented people from across the globe, active across the world on behalf of all people who seek democracy and dignity.


A universal nation is not and can never be a nation. It can only ever be the passive, powerless reflection of the world that surrounds it. And if we cast our eyes across the world, we see that it is overwhelmingly violent, poor, miserable and unfree. This is the world the misnamed people of colour have created. Neither their societies, their hair, their eyes or their skin pigmentation are colourful or diverse. All are simply variations on a ugly theme of brown, the colour of mud. Europeans, on the other hand, with their blonde hair, blue and green eyes and red-tinted cheeks, are the real people of colour. In a harsh world, their ancestors created societies that are enduring oases of peace, decency, prosperity and freedom. Universalising these nations, therefore, can only mean immersing them in a swamp of failed humanity; it is a degradation not an upgrade.


It is worth reflecting on the etymological roots of the word nation. It derives from the Latin natio, meaning birth, people, race, cognate of natus (born). So the element of birth is at the root of the idea of nationhood. And not birth in a place, either. If we trace the evolving use of the word nation across time, we can see that originally meant something like a tribe or a people of common descent, disconnected from the place where they resided.

One of the earliest textual affirmations of nationalism is the Declaration of Arbroath, issued during the Scottish Wars of Independence (Braveheart). Here is an extract:

Most Holy Father and Lord, we know and from the chronicles and books of the ancients we find that among other famous nations our own, the Scots, has been graced with widespread renown. They journeyed from Greater Scythia by way of the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Pillars of Hercules, and dwelt for a long course of time in Spain among the most savage tribes, but nowhere could they be subdued by any race, however barbarous.

The key point here is that the Scots were considered a “nation” even before they had reached Scotland. The nation was the people, not the place. Only over time has nation lost the meaning of tribal belonging and accreted the meaning of place, to the point where, in the modern world, most people regard the words nation, country and state as being synonymous.

In the West, only two major groups today continue to use the word nation in its original sense of a deterritorialised tribe: Muslims and Jews.  Jews will sometimes talk about the themselves as a nation, not referring to Israel specifically, but to the dispersed collectivity of Jews around the world. Muslims convey the same meaning with the Arabic word Ummah, which also means nation.

But the Jews deny us the right to the ancestral identity they arrogate to themselves.

In place of tribal unity, the Jew offers us a soulless economism; and an exhortation for Americans to disconnect from their European heritage.

The Republican Party was founded as a free labor party. It believed in economic diversity, cultural cohesion and national greatness.

…The Republican Party is supposed to be the party that stokes dynamism by giving everybody the chance to venture out into the frontier of their own choosing — with education reform that encourages lifelong learning, with entitlement reform that spends less on the affluent elderly and more on the enterprising young families, with regulatory reform that breaks monopolies and rules that hamper start-ups, with tax reform that creates a fair playing field, with immigration reform that welcomes the skilled and the hungry.

It may be dormant, but this striving American dream is still lurking in every heart. It’s waiting for somebody who has the guts to say no to tribe, yes to universal nation, no to fences, yes to the frontier, no to closed, and yes to the open future, no to the fear-driven homogeneity of the old continent and yes to the diverse hopefulness of the new one.

Throughout our civilisation, Jews have worked hard to expunge any lingering ethno-nationalist elements within what passes for Conservatism in mainstream politics (link), and offered us free-marketism instead. Open Borders and Open Markets are the twin poles of the consensus hammered out by Left and Right. It is the grievance inspired by these cosmpolite visions is that is fuelling populist insurgencies throughout the Eurosphere from Trump to Podemos. For the most part, the movements lack intellectual coherency. People feel the pain without grasping the root cause. The Alt Right must fill that gap with understanding.