A Tribute to Trolls

Luis Castillo
Daily Stormer
August 12, 2018

Hey, guys.

This is me, Luis Castillo.

Sorry about the low quality photo – no dox on me, yet.

We are being personal today.

You should read this strong article, or you won’t understand what I mean.

I have to be personal now, too.

This was a long intro to a longer article which would serve as a standalone article, but I cut it down to a standalone. No one reads that much, anyway.

I try not to expose my personality explicitly and write about myself in the first person. Mister Anglin does this well, and he does it well enough for all of us.

But, today, I have to be me.

I also have to be professional – I am working for Daily Stormer, this is what I do 100% now.

If you love what you do, everything professional is personal to you.

If you don’t, you aren’t really alive.

So, get a load of this.

I recently trolled the shit out of a reporter who was working for one of the main channels of Spanish TV, and this got trolling aired on the debut of a primetime TV show on Telecinco, which literally means “Channel Five.” This is the biggest TV news channel in Spain.

You can see it in Spanish if you want, maybe I’ll sub it later.

They called it:

“A new attack on the victim of La Manada.”

“A Neonazi Website publishes a video of the young woman with insults, and revealing her personal information.”

They are referring to Clara Garcia Luna, a woman who got into a drunken orgy situation, cried rape, and became a feminist martyr in Spain.

It was a long, tiresome media event. (Skip to 00:27 for no Spanish intro)

They got a bunch of angry, frustrated femiskanks to try to publicly lynch five guys who had had some unpleasant consensual sex with this THOT, because they were angry that they had not been convicted of rape, because the Justice system found that the “victim” had not resisted (there was no rape) and so they got sentenced to “sexual abuse.”

So they started chanting, “It’s not sexual abuse, it’s rape.”

For a fat gross whore.

Naturally, when they lynch, we lynch back.

El Daily Stormer published a viral censored video, and censored social media images of her slutting around, including an iconic image where she appears to be performing a perverse and clearly consensual sexual act on one of her “rapists.” You can see that if you want, but I think it’s gross.

If you don’t want to see the gross thing, just take my word for it that, yeah – this woman was looking for several gentleman to grab her by the pussy, to which she consented and which she enjoyed. If you want to see it, idk, google.

I’m the piggy Clara…

Enjoy it, guys… because next, they will judge you!

They published some of our headlines on TV.

AIDS festival kicks off in Madrid: millions of loose anuses will infest her streets.

They even published some logs of my chats with the journo through the dark web.

“We regularly publish things which defy the censorship laws of the Union. None of our writers are in the European Union, ever. I’m in the United States. The European Union – I wipe my nuts with it.” – Castillo.

Spanish has been getting mad viral articles lately. Like, just in the past few hours, since I started writing this, I got wind of a retweet of a Spanish article from a guy with 20K followers on Twitter, smearing a ZOG politican with the visible subline, “Jews are the spawn of Satan.” It’s basically burning through social media as I write this.

We had another big viral article that was adapted to English a few days ago, and now this.

We’re on fire. We owe this to José González, the brave Spanish patriot writing these articles, and we owe it to the fact that Spanish social media is easy to troll and to penetrate.

There’s another TV hit piece on another channel that I haven’t even seen yet.

Democratie Participative, the French platform has also been on fire with social media penetration. We are hitting ZOG in its weak spots, and we are going to go global.

Do you want a total war?

We will give you a more total and radical war than anything you could even imagine, shipped immediately.

So, I saw this run – on Spanish TV, in front of a huge normie audience, with the content I had given them, but not with what I had refused to give.

Here is where we get personal.

I had to take a moment and look at my life, and I thought,

“Wow, I just trolled mainstream media on a significant scale.”

A year ago, friends, I was doing normie stuff.

I was not trolling mainstream media. I didn’t like normie stuff. I like this, what I do now, and I am logging crazy hours.

I live for this job now. I’m addicted.

Something happened. Something… changed, in me.

It was really deeply personal.

I have been denied my true purpose for too long.

Since I joined El Daily Stormer, I spent a time holding the site up as the only person who was publishing, in the beginning of the resurrection of El Stormer. This was tough, low views, had to keep the thing alive and breathing though.

After a while, I was in the position of keeping it alive and recruiting people to keep it alive for me.

Eventually, now, I have gotten to the point where it has enough of a pulse where it can be alive for our Spanish guys like José González to publish on it, and they are making it explode. Now I’m trying to make waves in Argentina like they have been made in Spain. Fast forward and I have a student editor, Octavio Rivera, and I’m trying to get him paid to write about Argentina, since he’s doing Spanish work for free now.

Send shekels.

I had to look back at my life, and ask how I came to this place so quickly.

You see, there was a deeper level to this troll. This journo approached my recruitment email telling me had a scoop for me and wasted my time for a week before I told him “you are just a journo fucking around with me, do you want an interview or not?”

The journo literally wasted my time, made me think I would get a good scoop, and left me with blue balls.

I then scripted and produced a video responding to his questions, and at the deadline, I told him to dox himself to me, or he wouldn’t get it. He didn’t want to send me the dox, I couldn’t confirm over the darkweb that he wasn’t just a guy pretending to be a journo, so after sending him the script of the video and a screenshot of it to prove it existed, I told him to fuck off and left him with blue balls.

They ran that whole TV segment about the site, and a segment about I, “the editor,” with fake experts talking about how hateful I was, how illegal my work is in the EU, how I was metaphysically raping Clara Garcia Luna by editing for the site that doxed her with her own social media, etc. Apparently, I am now an anonymous hacker with an email in a Russian server, and “a small network of collaborators in Spain, Argentina and Uruguay.”

This annoyed me.

I have collaborators in many more places than that.

But, how did I get to this point?

It was ultimately something deeply personal in me. I was born with an innate knowledge of what is beautiful and what is ugly, and this world, for too many years, repulsed me with its hideousness.

Everything could be so beautiful, and it used to be. I mean, not everyone used to be beautiful, there were always ugly people, but there used to be such beautiful people, and places.

I’ve seen the photos.

I even remember some of it. I’m not too young.

I caught a glimpse of it when I opened my eyes, but the longer I live, the further behind it strays. I just, I want it back, I want it back so bad.

I know it was real. I know it’s possible.

Slowly, I began to hate them.

I rose up to impose my own will upon the collective consciousness, and achieve the Ubermensch ideal and our collective destiny as men.

I will write more about this later.

However, on a practical level, something simpler happened.

I messaged weev, and he responded.

Weev recruited me from being literally no one, just a guy who contacted him to say that I missed El Daily Stormer and I would go all in to bring it back, and he took a chance on me.

I remember being in a chat with weev once, learning about his scientific trolling method, and I remember studying his press interactions, and taking his advice.

I asked weev about trolling journalists, and he told me that they were bitches, that they will treat me like shit, and that I should be alpha and treat them like bitches.

Suddenly, flash forward – and not only did I troll a primetime television audience, but I trolled a ZOG journalist on a deep, personal level.

He was really pissed. I have his salty tears logged.

Where weev is now, overloaded with doing underpaid work to keep this site, a service to you, the reader, online, he probably cannot even remember the first, jovial chuckles he got in his sides, the first time he trolled at scale.

He probably got this first rush a long time ago, before the American government fucked with him and fucked with his friends, and caused weev to dedicate himself to getting Vengeance.

But, I got it that euphoric, youthful feel of a first troll.

I felt that I was competent enough to get shit in the media, and leave them wanting more.

I felt that feel, and weev made it possible.

The Troll Ascends.

I recognized him as a master troll.

He gave me power, and I studied his Way.

And, look –

I get the Vengeance angle of it. I really do.

There’s more to this than Vengeance. There’s much more.

I’ll write about that later, too –

but Vengeance is a very important part of this.

From what I understand, Anglin is also motivated by this same thing. They literally flooded his hometown with Somalians. What the fuck is that?

I would hate anyone who had done that to me.

For now, there’s no dox on me, I’d like to keep it that way. But, let me say –

They fucked with me, too.

They fucked with me by making me see men I knew as lads get destroyed by blood-sucking divorce whores and destroy themselves.

They fucked with me on that level of seeing my hometown, my people, corrupted by them and flooded with aggro subhumans.

They fucked with me on the level of making me spend years trapped in one place and start to lose myself.

They fucked with my family on every sort of level – all of them. 

I took it personally.

I took it Very Personally.

I want Vengeance, too. I’m going all the way.

I want Vengeance because I am in love.

What Shakespeare understood, what Homer understood, is that love is a tragedy, and it will continue to be a tragedy until this world is cleansed.

Only then can we be worthy of love. Only then can we be permitted hope and satisfaction. This is a hell, a price we pay for our own chaotic nature which invites catastrophe and despair, and our only path to salvation is through struggle.

Until we can be redeemed, our destiny is to love, and to suffer through this, and to seek Vengeance for our suffering.

Our destiny is to struggle until we achieve Victory.