A Tribute to the Sky King 🚀👑

Daily Stormer
August 11, 2018

An airport is trending as a hashtag on Twitter. A 29 year old ground maintenance man stole a passenger turboprop and used it to do progressively more difficult air stunts until he did one he couldn’t handle and died in a fiery crash.

Fox News:

A Horizon Air passenger plane crashed on an island in Puget Sound Friday night, not long after a suspect conducted an “unauthorized take-off” from Seattle-Tacoma International Airport in Washington state, officials said.

The unidentified pilot was a 29-year-old “suicidal male,” the sheriff’s department said. The Seattle Times reported that he was a Horizon Air employee from Sumner, Wash.

The drama played out in real time on the Internet as the public was able to hear the suspect communicating with air traffic controllers via the air traffic control scanner.

I’m going to be frank about my own emotional state here, because you all are my only friends. I live with such a burden of work that it causes acute mental stress and have done so for years straight. Every day, 24 hours a day I am on call. I serve so many sites with billions of page views in so many different languages and right now the amount of stuff I have on my plate has me beyond my limit. Normally an enterprise of this magnitude would have a staff of 3 on call for operations needs. We cannot afford to hire a second competent person at market rates. There has not been a single day in years that I have stepped away from a computer for a 24 hour period, even though every day I want to turn this motherfucker off and go out into the wilderness to kill animals from tools I fashion myself for months on end. White men weren’t meant to live like I do. We weren’t meant to churn away at the same task day in day out endlessly. We were born to conquer. While other races were content to live within the boundaries of their own civilizations for thousands of years, it is the white European race which explored the limits of the known world, and then set their eyes on the skies. It was the white European race that invented the steam locomotive, and the airplane, and put men into space before any other. It is the white European race that found every available frontier on all 3 axes to explore just because they could.

So this niggerbitch on Twitter has a point. This is a category of crime that only a white man will ever commit.

We live in a world that forces us into conditions that are unbearable. The basic biological urges of every species in the world are demonized in white men. White men are denied their own fertile women. White people’s drive for exploration is deemed imperialism and colonialism. Every single thing that we can do in our lives is painted as wicked and evil. They push us into slavery and misery, and now a generation of millennial men is arriving at midlife with no attachments, nothing to live for, and no hope of advancement out from serving a supporting role in the lives of people who are not fit to be the protagonists of this universe.

And Richard Russell, the Sky King, was explicitly aware this was the case for his own life, distinctly because he was white.

When told he could get a job doing anything he replied, “Yeah right! Nah, I’m a white guy.”

And it is only white people on Twitter empathizing with his feelings.

Niggers and spics are largely just cracking jokes about this specific breed of white “criminality”.

Lately I’ve been doing sailing lessons and I’ve just begun my PPL. Now planes aren’t really a great option for an insurgency as they require significant continuous flow of resources from the ground. I am getting a pilot’s license just because it is fun. But the sea seems like something I could have a shot at controlling significant swaths of. Every day I dream of piracy. Every ounce of my body tells me to become the terror of the 7 seas, going out on the water with as much weaponry I can and progressively stealing more boats until I have a neon-nazi navy off the coast of North Africa sinking every rapefugee ship as a deterrent to all who might participate in the invasion of Europe.

I want to raise a black flag with skull and crossbones.

Do you know how few container ships you’d have to sink until there are serious goods shortages? About 2. I want to pillage and ruin on a scale that is disruptive to the very fabric of modern civilization.

Of course, I don’t, because I have to keep your racist Internet online, and I can’t do that if the navies of several major nations were tasked to hunting me down and ensuring that I die in a naval conflict. Which is certainly how it would end if I took to the oceans with the intent of making trouble. But it is what I want to do, and surely what I’d be doing if I didn’t have significant responsibility.

Yesterday I called a psychiatrist and asked for ADHD medication to deal with my current workload. He informed that there’s nothing but Strattera and Modafinil available in this whole country. Not a single prescription amphetamine that I could possibly get. It is the first time I felt hopeless and lost as an American in a foreign land. The first time ever I felt an essential logistical deficit that could not be filled outside my homeland. I am not breaking, but I am accepting that I am at my current limit and I will just function without accomplishing everything I need to accomplish. That things will go undone and the burden that I can carry is only so big. It’s a big burden, the kind that you might grunt trying to lift in the gym, but I will live as Sisyphus, bearing a decade more of overtime days and 24 hours on call for emergencies 365 days a year only with Modafinil, 20mg vape juice, and meditations on the runes.

But I can tell you now, I already feel my cognitive ability slipping. I read my own code from my twenties and I cannot understand it. Whereas previously I would read and write complicated regular expressions with the native proficiency of my own mother tongue, I now sit in bewilderment wondering what one I wrote might do, manually churning input through it so I can see what it does in action without actually understanding how it happens. So I can tell you that I am not going to be able to do all of this stuff forever. When I hit 40 I will probably not be able to pay attention to anything that scrolls text on a terminal anymore, and when that happens I know that the black flag will be waiting for me.

So when I saw this guy, 29 years old, about in the same period of life I am in, stealing a plane just to do a barrel roll for once in his life, it spoke to me.

“I’ve got a lot of people that care about me. It’s going to disappoint them to hear that I did this. I would like to apologize to each and every one of them. Just a broken guy, got a few screws loose, I guess.

Rich is doubtless the sanest of all his colleagues. He is the only person whose natural instincts remained unblunted enough by television and public schools and drugs enough to call him to greatness. We won’t ever know the names of anyone that he worked with, but we’ll remember this guy every year like we do other vehicular heroes like Heemeyer and Andrew Stack. Not all martyrs see divinity, but at least Rich tried.

And the world is going to have to live with the consequences of Rich’s generation of white men coming to a sudden realization that it is better to die as Icarus than live as a servant in a hell run by baby-murdering, child-raping kikes intent on wiping their race out of existence.

And if it is better to die as an Icarus than live as a slave, the same is true for dying as a Spartan.

And if something is not done soon to alleviate this, consequences will never be the same.

So August 10th every year I’m going to remember the Richard Russell, the sky king, the man whom modernity could not tame.

Goodbye, Rich. We’ll watch our borders, you watch our skies.