A Taliban Victory in Afghanistan is Good for Afghanistan and America

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 9, 2016


Almost 15 years after the invasion of Afghanistan, the Taliban, who the US invaded the country to stop (ostensibly), is on the verge of retaking the control of the country.

That’s pretty lulzy.

“Nation-building” is the absolute most ridiculous concept ever forwarded by any government. The only way to make a non-White nation conform to White norms is to occupy it. Basically, colonialism was working fine, then we abolished it because Jews said it was racist, now Jews have sent us back to try and implement a retarded version of colonialism.


Colonial Afghanistan was fine, but Jews have a policy of fixing things that aren’t broken. It’s called “Tikkun Olam.”

I wouldn’t be surprised if Madam Nation-Builder Clinton starts campaigning on a plan for an Afghanistan rematch. Her advisors seem to believe Americans really like endless war.

Daily Caller:

Taliban militants launched an offensive Thursday to take a major provincial capital in Afghanistan, a move that if successful, would mark the biggest Taliban victory since the U.S. invasion in 2001.

The militants have wiped out checkpoints around the city and are now on the verge of taking the police headquarters and governor’s compound, a spokesman for the provincial governor told The New York Times. “The whereabouts of the police are not known, whether they have joined the Taliban or escaped somewhere,” the spokesman continued. The spokesman’s statement indicates the local police may have either been paid by the Taliban, or defected into their ranks. If the Taliban is able to capture the provincial capital, it will mark only the second time since 2001 the Taliban have been able to seize a major Afghan city.

The Taliban push is just a smaller facet of a larger Taliban offensive on two additional provincial capitals in southern and northern Afghanistan. In southern Afghanistan, the Taliban have surrounded the major city of Lashkar Gah in Helmand province. Hundreds of NATO troops died in Helmand province during the NATO combat mission in Afghanistan from 2001-2014, and it was the site of President Barack Obama’s first major foreign policy decision in 2010. Obama deployed an additional 100 troops to Lashkar Gah to reinforce Afghan forces, but the remainder of the province remains largely in Taliban hands.

In northern Afghanistan, the major city of Kunduz is also being surrounded for an eventual push on the city itself. The Taliban took control of Kunduz city briefly in September, 2015, before being expelled by the Afghan security forces. The Taliban have re-infiltrated the four districts from which they launch the original Kunduz attack, and remain poised for another push to retake the city, notes The Institute for the Study of War (ISW).

The thing here is, a Taliban victory would be good for both Afghanistan and America.

For the Afghanis, they will get a peaceful and stable country. You obviously didn’t have millions of Afghanis pouring into Europe when the Taliban was in charge.


America will get relief from the heroin epidemic. Most of the heroin is coming directly from Afghanistan, where the liberal US-backed government endorses the production of the deadly drug. The US has admitted sending our troops to guard poppy fields, arguing that heroin is an integral part of the Afghan economy.

Despite the US accusing them of running the heroin operations during the war (this was propaganda), the Taliban burned all poppy fields in 2000, eradicating 99% of the country’s heroin production. This seems to have been at least part of the reason the US invaded the country.

There was never any serious connection between the Taliban and Osama bin Laden. Bin Laden was Saudi, and when he was allegedly killed, he had been living in Pakistan, which is our “ally.”

The entire war was pointless and retarded.

It’s sad people died, but at this point, even if you think a Western-style human rights Democracy is important for Afghanistan for some reason, the only way to stop the Taliban from retaking the entire country over the course of the next year or so would be to reinvade, which would cost more lives and then be overturned in a decade and a half just like the first invasion was.