A Tale of Two Netflix Resident Evil Series

Netflix now has not one but two upcoming Resident Evil series in the pipe.

Apparently, the IP is experiencing a renaissance after four successive popular and critically acclaimed games in a row. The remakes of 2 and 3, along with 7 and the recently released 8th installment (Village) have all been very good and very well liked.

For me, RE 7 was too scary to actually play. I really liked the lore, however, and spent a lot of time reading about it and watching YouTube videos. But the gameplay was just simply too intense. What’s more, this was the first RE game with a white co-writer, and I felt that it contained some anti-Southerner (anti-white) tropes, in that it had your standard “inbred Southern hillbilly psychopaths.”

I don’t think that it is necessarily wrong to have inbred hillbilly psychopaths in a story, but at this point, it is such a trope that it is hard not to view it as malicious. That said, other than the trope, there were no political undertones to the game.

RE 8 takes place in Eastern Europe, and though it has some white people involved again, the main story is written by nips. The aesthetics of it look incredible, but I won’t play it because I’m relatively sure it will be just as scary as 7.

Maybe the game has Eastern European tropes that would offend Hungarians, Romanians or Pollocks in the way the characterization of Southerners in 7 offended me – I don’t know. But the environments appear respectful to Eastern and Central European traditional culture (while also portraying it as a terrifying place filled with vampires and werewolves).

In my personal view, the Resident Evil films are among the best video game films ever made. I have watched them all, and was very disappointed when series producer and sometimes director Paul W. S. Anderson and his wife and series star Milla Jovovich decided to make a Monster Hunter film instead of another Resident Evil film.

The sixth installment of Anderson’s Resident Evil, released in 2016, was entitled “The Final Chapter,” but there was no actual reason it had to be the final chapter. This series has a devoted fanbase, and it is one of the only films I would pay to see in a theater.

Not only is it the best video game film franchise, it is also the only zombie-related material I care to be involved with at all. I am sick of zombies, completely. But the RE films managed to mix in enough science fiction, conspiracy and Jap-inspired weirdness alongside genuinely good action to keep these films fun.

Milla somehow still looks great, so I just don’t see any reason this needed to end.

Note that I am very much against female action stars as a rule – but only when it is women taking themselves seriously, such as in the Captain Marvel movie. The Anderson RE films did not take themselves seriously, and you never got the sense that they were encouraging female empowerment.

Milla’s Alice in RE was similar to Japanese female action characters, such as the yo-yo detectives in Sukeban Deka.

Japan is the single most non-feminist society on earth, and yet manages to make films with female action stars. This can actually be empowering for women if they do not take it seriously, and simply think of it as a fantasy, that represents being a “hero at the home.”

(Protip: If you are interested in watching these or any other films without giving money to Jew studios, you can just type the names of them into yandex.com. Check local laws.)

With the game series at its peak and a history of successful film adaptation, it’s no surprise that Netflix is all over this IP.

The first of Netflix’ new series is a computer animated cartoon, which looks like the cinematics from the games. It is entitled “Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness.” There is already a trailer out for it.

This looks very solid. Just standard fare. It looks like the sort of thing I wouldn’t be excited to watch, but would be fully satisfied with if I did watch. Frankly, that’s saying a lot given the current state of entertainment.

However, this show is simply being licensed by Netflix, and is otherwise totally produced by nips.

You can tell it is all nips without checking the Wikipedia, because despite being titled “Infinite Darkness,” the show does not contain any darkies.

The same cannot be said of the other Netflix Resident Evil series. The live-action series, which is apparently simply titled “Resident Evil,” is being produced by Constantin Film, a Jewish-German company. Constantin produced the previous films, but director Anderson had creative control. It appears that he does not have any involvement in this new series, which will also not feature Milla Jovovich.

Netflix has announced the main cast of the show, which will feature zero white men.

The male lead will be Albert Wesker, a famous and very Aryan character from the game, who will played by blackie Lance Reddick.

More like Albert Nigsker, amirite?

Please compare him to the game version.

And the Anderson movie version.

Remind me: who is doing the cultural appropriating? 

Frankly, blacks are culturally appropriating white people when they drive cars, use phones, watch television or wear normal clothing. Remember: before blacks met whites, this is what they looked like:

Wait, no, sorry – I’m suffering from trauma.

In fact, this is what they looked like:

And I’m fine if they want to use our technology, political order and cultural norms to make their societies better. That’s fine. But to have them come and accuse us of stealing their culture as they replace us in our media and continue to demand more, more, more – it’s just too much.

Along with Nigsker, the show also stars double blackie women.

That includes Amanda Smart.

More like Amanda 82 IQ, amirite?

And Ella Balinska.

More like Suckma Balinska Before You Head Back Out to the Cotton Field, amirite? (That’s a doe dicking joke – get on my level.)

Then there is Siena Agudong, who is some kind of 56%er Hawaiian.

More like… I’ve got nothing on that one. It’s a gross-looking person, and I can’t imagine it in my Resident Evil. I almost feel bad saying that because she has that “happy retard” look on her stupid face. But honestly, I’m sick of being race-replaced, and I don’t care about these people’s feelings anymore.

Also, they have Mongoloid female Adeline Rudolph.

That bothers me less because it is an Asian series, and also because I’m sexually fixated on gook women. Also, maybe she’s playing Ada Wong (who is the only nonwhite character in the original games).

Lastly, they cast Paola Nuñez, who is a used-up old Mexican skank – who I guess passes for white, and is therefore the only (passably) white character in the show.

None of these characters’ roles have been announced other than Reddick as Wesker, but presumably, they will all be replacing existing white characters.

This is a complete cultural genocide.

We should reflect on the fact that the Japs produce a series and it is all white people. Then a Western company (run by Jews, but still operating in our countries) produces a version of the same series, and there is only one single white person, who is actually a Mexican.

We hate ourselves more than a country we nuked and militarily occupied for 75 years hates us. 

In fact, these people we nuked and occupied are very sad that we’re destroying ourselves, and some of them have reached out and asked us not to destroy ourselves.

(Sub to Yoko’s channel by the way, she speaks really good English and gives a great insight into how Japs view the West. She also interacts with people in the chat on stream. You will learn something from her about the way Asians think.)

The Japs even made the manga and show Attack on Titan as an allegory for the destruction of the West through suicidal white guilt.

These Jews came at us with all of this “representation” stuff, claiming that everything was “too white.” But whites are still a majority in America (though that is shrinking), and yet a TV show that takes place in America has zero whites – save a whitish Mexican?

By the way – we used to have fair representation. We had a 90% white, 10% black country, and those were the demographics of our films.

Now they’ve replaced another 35% of the population of the country – but 95% of the characters in media!

Furthermore: who is the audience here?

I’ve seen all of the Resident Evil movies in the theater, and I’ve never seen a Mexican or even a black person attending. I would be shocked to find out nonwhites/non-Asians play the games. So what that means is that they are producing entertainment FOR white people that has NO white people!

They expect white people to pay them to watch all of these nonwhites!

I guess it goes without saying that you should cancel Netflix.

You can watch anything you want to watch by searching it on Yandex. Russians don’t respect copyright law.

But you shouldn’t watch this stuff with no white people in it. It’s humiliating to be a white person, to live in a white country, to be attacked and dehumanized for being white as we are invaded by people telling us they are better than us morally and therefore have a right to steal all of our wealth, and then when we try to relax from the stress of it all, be told we have to watch all of these nonwhites in our entertainment!

Thankfully, the Japs are still producing wholesome entertainment. Also thankfully, the Russians and other Slavs are still making decent video games that aren’t BLACKED.

Understand: it is about more than just not giving these companies money. It is also about your own self-respect. If you sit there and watch these shows with no white people, you are subliminally accepting your own replacement. They are replacing us first in media, so it will feel natural when we look around and find that we’ve been totally replaced in real life.

There is also a cuckold element here, where watching these shows where you’ve been race-replaced is similar to watching cuckold porno. You’re being amused by your own race-replacement.

There is a lot of good anime, there are a lot of good video games, and there are old TV series and films, along with some good fiction literature. Stop consuming BLACKED entertainment – even if you get it for free.

Maybe you should instead try to increase your intelligence and culture level by literally reading ancient Greek literature.

At the very least, you should learn how to make it through Dostoyevsky.

Completing Crime and Punishment will make you a better person in more ways than one, and will feel like a real accomplishment.

The same can be said of Moby Dick, and several other works of difficult classical literature that is not garbage (remember that a good amount of it is garbage, particularly most things written after the year 1900, including and especially James Joyce).

I should publish a fiction reading list, given that we are all now at least partially locked out of society, and that doesn’t seem to be something that is going to change.

Honestly, though I read most of the classics in my teens and twenties, I myself could do with a run through of some of these classic tomes.

Maybe I should start a book club.