A Special Message to Everyone I’ve Offended

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 30, 2017

I have offended a lot of people, who are my own people, my own readers.

I have offended white knights, Canadians, the British, the Swedish, the Slavs, pot-smokers, Baby Boomers, Irish American Catholics, Nazi-costume wearers, pit bull owners and many others.

The goal of a right-wing website should be to unite people together, under a single banner.

So I just want to say, to everyone I’ve offended:

I am so sorry that I hurt you.

I hereby pledge to make this a safer and more inclusive environment for Nazis of all kinds. I will seek to foster a secure environment where a diverse group can come together without fear of being targeted for who they are. I will work to not trigger the vulnerable with problematic language, as I have learned that this makes them feel unsafe. 



Here’s the real message:

Grow a spine, you whining little bitches. 

Seriously. Get your shit together.

Being a rightist is not being a whiny faggot leftist but just crying like a little baby about different issues that hurt your little baby feelings.

It is about being masculine and not emotionally invested in shit that doesn’t matter.

Yes, I do anger you on purpose. That is my job. It is not simply to anger leftists.

Because when I anger you, I make you stronger by forcing you to confront your own self and the soft spots you have.

That is why if people flip out when I write an anti-pit bull article, I publish another one right after it.

There were people in the comments section saying I must be working for the Jews because I am “dividing the movement” along pro and anti pit bull lines.

That is about the most faggoty goddamn thing I’ve ever seen in my life.

It’s disgusting as fuck that I should even have to explain this type of shit. It is shit that you are supposed to get immediately on an instinctive level if you are not a pussy.


If you have a pit bull and you love pit bulls and you don’t think they should be exterminated, the proper response to me saying they should be exterminated is as follows:


If you think you know better than me, and you are comfortable in that belief, then go with it. You can put forward your pit bull defense arguments, but do so without emotion. Don’t go into a little baby rage. That really does make you a “reverse SJW” as Sargon of Akkad claims we all are.

If I say “Canadians are douche-bags” and you are Canadian and not a douche-bag, then you don’t have anything to worry about. If you go into a rage over it then hey, congrats – you proved my point.

If I made fun of you for wearing a plastic stahlhelm while calling for communism but you think this is a good idea, and can come up with a logical line of reasoning as to why, then hey – go with that.

The same goes for boomers, white knights, pit bullers, pot-smokers, etc.

The old adage for internet arguments, “if you rage you lose,” is deeper than in the immediate sense of losing the argument itself. If you rage you lose because you are a raging loser.

The Daily Stormer is not a safe-space for Nazis.

And no, I am not just trolling my own audience for lulz because I can’t resist doing that.

There is something deeper here.

My job is to challenge you to be stronger, better men. And the best men do not get “triggered” by “problematic language.”

Most of you probably haven’t been around long enough to remember this, but when I joined the far-right Neo-Nazist movement, it was mostly a bunch of highly emotionally volatile people on the internet (boomers and autistic people, mainly) triggering each other over various obscure religious ideas. It was a complete and total disaster. We do not need that, and it has always been a goal of mine to bury that sort of thing completely so that this movement will be based on logic and facts instead of baby feelings.

We need men who can be emotionally detached. Emotional detachment is the most relevant marker of competence, which is one of the reasons women are so incompetent.

So if I hurt your feelings: I am not sorry.

You should be apologizing to me.

This is no place for ninnying little fag-boys with feelings.

We are building a genocidal space empire. Not a daycare center for man-children so driven by womanish emotion that they need to be coddled like babies.

Get it together, guys.

Get. It. Together.

Make a New Year’s resolution that whenever you catch yourself having an emotional reaction to anything, you stop, take a deep breath, and deal with it before moving forward with any action – including typing.

And no, outrageous anger is not somehow a “masculine emotion” – if you’ve ever known someone who is extremely masculine, even someone who got it from taking anabolic steroids, you know that the most notable thing about them is a cool, detached calm. The idea that raging anger when someone says something you disagree with is somehow a mark of masculinity was invented by the Jews.

If you find yourself getting all emotional about things, you probably have hormonal problems. That is why you need to get on my diet and workout program, and increase your testosterone levels. If you are overweight, in particular, your body is producing excess estrogen, which leads to an emotional and womanlike approach to life and human interactions.