A Song for Gavin McInnes, King of Cucks

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 1, 2015

Shiksa Goddess has released a new song honoring the heroic cuckold Gavin McInnes.

McInnes was the co-founder of VICE and is now a cuckservative pro-Israel talk show host, who mixes Rush Limbaugh-style rhetoric with dirty jokes (it’s really naughty guys, so edgy).

He is however most famous for being the first prominent member of the cuckold community to promote autoerotic asphyxiation being used in conjunction with cuckolding.

McInnes first forwarded the method by opening-up about his own experiences with the practice in Taximag, writing:

For me, the minimum headcount for a solid cuck-session is three Negro bulls, as I want to make sure my wife gets as sloppy as possible. I usually find the bulls at the mall, or sometimes hanging out at the local gas station.

I’m an aggressive prepper, so I can usually get the bulls all ready to go in ten minutes, max. After which, the bulls themselves are able to quickly help me into the noose, before they begin their dirty deeds on my wife.

The best part is, if I start to spin while I’m hanging, and can’t get a proper view of the action, one of the bulls will come over and spin me around, so I’m facing the glorious nasty.

And of course, the bulls are also watching me as I watch them, making certain I don’t completely suffocate myself.

Getting cuckolded has never been so enjoyable. There is simply nothing in this world that compares to being buck naked and strangled by a rope while you watch your wife get gang-banged by Blacks

Since publishing the article, McInnes has become a super-celebrity in the cuckolding scene.

Last Thursday, he announced that he will soon be taking cuckolding to “a whole other level.” Many are having a hard time believing that there can be a more intense form of cuckolding than combining it with autoerotic asphyxiation, but if there is anyone capable of escalating cuckolding to even greater levels of personal humiliation and self-degradation, it is Gavin McInnes.


An insider from the cuckold community has contacted the Daily Stormer with details about Gavin McInnes’ plan to take cuckolding to the next level.

According to the source, McInnes plans to live-stream a “cuckolding extravaganza” from the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem, where he will, being completely nude save for a yarmulke, bob his head against the Jew wall in front of a council of Jewish rabbis, who will then watch him as he masturbates and watches his wife get gang-banged by no fewer than 30 Eritrean asylum seekers who the government of Israel has agreed to temporarily release from their concentration camp for the live stream event, presented by Jew Ezra Levant’s Rebel Media.