A Song for Donald Trump

We now live in a very strange world, in which Donald Trump is no longer the recognized leader of the country. In fact, Trump, the winner of the 2020 presidential election, seems to have disappeared completely. It’s as if he has died, fled the country or been captured. Any of those three things may have happened, in fact. We do not know. All that we know is that he is gone from the White House, and has somehow disappeared from all of our lives. In his place is a lunatic propaganda campaign by the Jewish media celebrating the senile usurper Joe Biden as the messiah.

What we should remember is that though these are bad times, indisputably, bad times have always existed, good men have always continued to fight for what was good and just, and life has always gone on.

If you don’t know the story of King Richard and his brother John, as portrayed in the English folk tale of Robin Hood, you might enjoy reading about it. It is presently apropos of these happenings, as the kids say.

I’ve had a love affair with the story of Robin Hood since childhood. In fact, I will go so far as to say that I prefer the tales of Robin Hood to those tales of King Arthur (even whilst the latter doubtlessly has better literature created around it).

The Robin Hood films are probably overwhelmingly done badly, the most recent having a literal black guy. I didn’t watch that one, because I refuse to watch any film which inserts blacks into a false historic context. The one with Russell Crowe was astonishingly bad. The one with Errol Flynn is obviously very good. The Wolfgang Reitherman animated version is very good (but if you have kids, don’t let them watch it, as it has a humanoid female fox and we know that watching humanoid animal females as a child is what turns people into furries). This version, the first after Walt Disney’s death, features a snake as a Jewish advisor to the usurper King John. He actually hypnotizes the prince into doing his bidding.

Side note, because footnotes are annoying on long internet articles: Walt Disney was half Irish and half German (the perfect combo, frankly), and was himself an anti-Semite, and supported Hitler before the war began, when he was forced to be patriotic, and assume his leaders knew what they were doing (this was actually the case for many if not most Americans – the media, not totally controlled by Jews at the time, was not totally hostile to Hitler, and he was basically looked at as just cleaning up Germany). It has been alleged that before the war, at Disney studios, there were regular meetings discussing Nazism in a positive way, due probably to the fact that so many Germans worked at the company (but it was also thought that there were things that could be learned from what Hitler was doing, and Disney himself was very worried about Jews and their communist scheme). It is alleged that Disney himself attended at least one of these meetings, with his non-Jewish lawyer. Reitherman, director of most of the early Disney animated films, was himself born in Germany. Most of the Disney films made while Disney was alive and shortly after, before Jews began to be allowed to work at the company, feature villains who are based on or just outright portrayed as Jews. The Sheriff in Disney’s Robin Hood is actually a rat. Disney obviously didn’t intend to create furries, but as anthropomorphic humanoid animal female characters have been identified clearly as the cause of being a furry, I do advise that people do not allow children to watch these films. It’s sad, because anthropomorphic animals are a fun idea. I want to say: there is no clear evidence that Prince John actually had Jewish advisors, but it would not be surprising if that were the case. He certainly acted like it, and these events took place before the expulsion order, when Jews were running wild in London and other urban centers in the British Isles. Jews were not allowed to be noblemen, however, due to their snake-like behavior, they were often able to get close to them. 

There is actually a 1970s Robin Hood film with Sean Connery, but it is shockingly not that good. I think the one with Kevin Costner is okay, and Sean Connery actually appears as King Richard (however, this 1991 film is probably the first instance of a black guy being inserted into a production of a British folk tale, so be warned – although to be fair, he plays a Moor who helped Robin escape from prison in Jerusalem, as opposed to just a random black guy showing up in Britain for no reason).

As any person probably is vaguely aware, it is about an outlaw who fights for the people against a corrupt establishment, run by conmen and Jews, whilst also attempting to aid the rightful authority of the country.

Without going into the actual history, I shall summarize and give context to the story of Robin Hood, mostly from memory, but also with some checking of Wikipedia.

The tales of Robin Hood take place in the 13th century. The Good King Richard the Lionheart was a warrior, who went out to France and the Middle East to fight in the name of our Lord Christ. But at home, the kingdom was being usurped by the man who would eventually become a very bad king, Prince John.

Robin Hood and his band of Merry Men were outlaws, most of them formerly of the military. Despite living outside of the established law of the land, which was what was truly criminal in nature, they sought to reestablish legitimate authority. They fought against corruption and decadence, robbing the rich – that is, corrupt and criminal nobles, merchants and Jew money lenders – to give back what rightfully belonged to the peasants. He also fought the corrupt cops led by the dastardly Sheriff of Nottingham, who was an agent of the usurper to the throne and a Jew-lover.

The Merry Men were called “the Merry Men” because they were merry. They had fun while fighting back against the decadence and corruption of the usurper establishment, and the corrupt cops that defended it. They did what was right by God, and by the true king, and they did it, as the Bible commands, with joyfulness.

There was no way for the Merry Men to simply walk from town to town, as they were wanted by the corrupt cops, so they had to live in Sherwood Forest. Those evil men traveling through the forest were seized upon by Robin Hood.

Once, the Good King Richard, while undercover as a Black Knight, came to aid Robin Hood and his Merry Men on a mission, despite the fact that Robin and his people were considered to be “bandits” by the cops. This happened after Robin Hood’s sidekick and personal priest, Friar Tuck, had helped the disguised king. After their mission, where King Richard fought alongside the Merry Men, the King dined with them as Robin hosted. The king approved of his mission, although ultimately, he didn’t have the ability to legitimatize the Merry Men in the eyes of the law, because his own government was so corrupt, under the satanic influence of the usurper John.

At the age of 41, Richard was hit by the arrow of a small boy, while he was liberating France. This was during a mission where he was searching for a peasant who had acquired some Roman gold which rightfully belonged to the people, and should be used to fund the war effort against the enemies of God and King. The wound in the King’s shoulder became infected, but he was merciful on the boy who shot it, who explained that Richard’s men had killed most of his family. He let the boy go. However, shortly after Richard’s death from the infected wound, the boy was hunted down by Mercadier, an infamously merciless mercenary captain and servant of the Good King, who had him flayed and hanged for regicide. Mercadier did not think Richard was in his right mind when he gave mercy to the boy.

John became king, and it was a horrible, corrupt disaster. He tried to tax the people into total oblivion, while behaving in a confusing and stupid way that was also brutal and devious, enabling a corrupt few noblemen and Jewish money lenders to run wild. He lost many lands of the Kingdom to foreigners, and eventually collapsed the Angevin Empire. This eventually led to a total rebellion against him by the peasants, led by a group of noble barons. John was forced at the point of a sword to sign the Magna Carta, placing his signature alongside those of the nobles who fought for the people, and for God, against the corrupt King John. This is the document which is the basis for all of our currently established rights as free men and citizens, and is viewed as the basic inspiration of the Constitution of the United States, as well as the foundation of the concept of citizens’ legal, civil rights.

Robin Hood is said to have continued to fight throughout against the usurper king, alongside peasant and nobleman alike, for the rights of the people. The usurper king died shortly after signing the Magna Carta, and Robin Hood is said to have outlived him, and died in his 80s, quite happy with the way events had gone.

You see, after the usurper King John came the clever King Henry III, who seriously cracked down on these Jews. Despite some botched attempts to retake France, and a failure to even get around to invading the Levant, he was okay, and more close to what Robin Hood was trying to do. Henry III signed the Statute of Jewry, which segregated the Jews, taxed them into oblivion, and forced them to wear badges.

A few short decades after Robin Hood’s death, the Jews were officially rounded up, crowded onto boats, and shipped the hell out of England completely, under the expulsion edict of 1290. The Kingdom would remain Jew-free – literally, it was illegal to be Jewish and in England and her lands – until another usurper and heretic, who was also a satanic fiend and a church-burner, overthrew the government using witchcraft and killed the king. That man’s name was Oliver Cromwell.

Basically, every problem of the last 500 years can be traced back to him, and his evil actions of controlling the peasants using witchcraft and convincing them to kill the king and establish him as “lord protector.” As soon as the king was dead, this fellow Cromwell sent word to Amsterdam to start sending in Jews by the boatload. Though it was not clear at the time, we now know that Cromwell’s entire campaign was funded by these Jews for the purpose of destroying the rightful monarchy and the rights of peasants and noblemen, which had been secured by Robin Hood and his Merry Men. Cromwell’s main agenda, while on campaign, was to kill priests and burn churches.

Cromwell, in 1649, created “The English Commonwealth,” which was the precursor to Marxism, which would be the eventual result, when a Jew named Karl Marx, who was allowed to live in England due to Cromwell’s deviancy, would publish a book in 1867 called “Das Kapital.” Marxism, of course, would lead to the establishment of democracy, under which we presently live.

Although some good folks deposed Cromwell’s son, and then dug up Cromwell’s body, hanged him, chopped off his head and auctioned off his skull, nothing would ever be the same again. Attempts to reestablish Christian rule failed, with heretics being brought in from Germany to run the Monarchy.

Cromwell’s new heretical system led to the reign of the evil King Georges, who were the deviant and inbred folks the great and Robin Hood-esque figure George Washington was forced by conscience to go to war against, in the name of the good people of the American colonies.

It was Washington who established our Christian Republic, and gave us a brief period of wholesomeness, wealth and freedom, before Jews came in and started trying to usurp it.

Donald Trump is a figure not unlike King James II, who was briefly installed after the insanity of Cromwell, but ultimately was forced out by usurpers after only 3 years, when it proved impossible for him to restore order.

But of course, we can also view him as akin to King Richard the Lionheart, in whose name Robin Hood fought, in that he was a mostly absent king who was continually besieged by enemies without and within, which he ultimately lost to, with the throne being usurped by the evil John. This of course came after King Richard was removed from the throne in the stupidest imaginable way, as he was in the middle of trying to do the right thing.

All of this brings us to the song for Donald Trump: “Kings” by Steely Dan.

Trump had a lot of problems. But he is gone now. And we will remember him as a Good King, because despite the problems with him, he stood for what is right and just and true. Even though his reign ended in failure, and he exited in a shameful way, he did his best to defend the people. He will be remembered as a symbol of everything good in America, who was undermined by the forces of evil, and by Satan.

Please, listen to the song, and read the lyrics.

Now they lay his body down
Sad old men who run this town
I still recall the way
He led the charge and saved the day
Blue blood and rain
I can hear the bugle playin’

We seen the last of good King Richard
Ring out the past, his name lives on, and on
Roll out the bones and raise up your pitcher
Raise up your glass to good King John, oh

While he plundered far and wide
All his starving children cried
And though we sung his fame
We all went hungry just the same
He meant to shine
To the end of the line

We seen the last of good King Richard
Ring out the past, his name lives on, and on
Roll out the bones and raise up your pitcher
Raise up your glass to good King John

And though we sung his fame
We all went hungry just the same
He meant to shine
To the end of the line

We seen the last of good King Richard
Ring out the past, his name lives on, and on
Roll out the bones and raise up your pitcher
Raise up your glass to good King John

We have seen the last of the Good King Donald. But his name will live on.

And all of us will live on.

“And though we sung his fame, we all went hungry just the same, he meant to shine, to the end of the line” could not be apropos to these happenings. There were forces much bigger than Trump, and ultimately, it was never possible for one man to confront those forces and win. It was always going to end in disaster, because the people who should have been standing with Trump didn’t stand with Trump.

However, I included the story of Robin Hood and the things that happened after him, up until now, to show you that there are always good times and there are always bad times. Robin Hood lived in a mostly bad time, which in his life got worse, and then got better. People are born and die at different points in the cycle of good times and bad times. Many of us may live to see more good times. Some of us will die during the bad times.

But whether the times are good or bad, you always do what is good and right, and you always do so with joyfulness and peace, knowing that God is in control of good and bad times, and the only thing you can ever do is what is right and just. Everything else is up to God.

Even when the king is calling for your head, you must stay true to what is right and just, and you must remain merry. The tides can and will change.

In the last verse, raising the glass to “good King John,” who is obviously Joe Biden in this exhaustive analogy, means not that we literally toast him – but that we accept that he is the man in power, and we will eat, drink and be merry regardless. Instead of complaining that God gave us this burden, we should rejoice at the challenges God gives us, for it is through challenges that our souls gain experience points – and experience points are the only way to level up.

Life goes on and on and on and on. We will all die some day, and life will go on still. Hopefully, our rightful sons (and our poor bastards) will have good times and bad times, and they will do what is right and just, the same as we have tried to do.

The only negative emotion that is ever worth feeling is regret, because that is the only one that can teach you anything of value. Otherwise, remain merry, and remember that life was not designed to be easy.

Trump failed because America failed. He was elected ready to do whatever the people wanted him to do, but the people want abortions, free sex, gay sex, trannies, wars for Israel, and so on, so those people must be punished by God. We will not be punished for the grimy crimes of others, after death. Thus we all shall remain true to our purpose here, which is to get up every morning, and do the right thing – fight evil, defend good, in the name of God and Country.