A Sickening Display of Egregious, Bootlicking Philosemitism from the Establishment Right

Diversity Macht Frei
February 14, 2018

A little backstory:

Arthur Jones is running unopposed for the GOP nomination in the Illinois House congressional race. He recently gave an interview on CNN and showed that he was just a little too “woke” for our hostile, compromised elite:

Subsequently, an open letter was written by the most obsequious, patently un-self-aware shabbos goy I think I have ever read (my annotations in italics):

I love Jews. I am not saying “I have friends who are Jews,” I am saying I love Jews.

I love the stories of the Old Testament, the trials and tribulations (ed: the unabashed ethnic cleansing mandated by their schizophrenic, heartless “god”?), and the miracles and the disasters, that befall this family that grew into a tribe and then into a people — a people who have thrived despite thousands of years of persecution that culminated in the Holocaust.

I love Israel too. Indeed, I am a proud Christian member of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (ed: AIPAC, where all good goy running for public office go to abase themselves before the group who control establishment politics in the US) and we lobby for a strong U.S.-Israel relationship.

I love what Jews have done to for this country. I marvel at art created by Jews (Piss Christ?), I help Jews build amazing companies (for when nepotism just can’t cut it?), and I read brilliant legal analyses by Jews (designed to facilitate white genocide and dispossession?).

Actually, you should know that the Republican Party is filled with Jews who are passionate advocates of liberty and smaller government (ed: advocates for small government except when they need a strong, faceless bureaucracy to browbeat whites into submission via hate speech laws and laws designed to violate the freedoms of conscience and association).

Now for the really saccharine, borderline disturbing bits, turn away ye all ye with weak stomachs:

I love to attend bar and bat mitzvahs. Seeing 12- and 13-year-olds get up and chant beautifully in Hebrew and then discuss their Torah selection so maturely… (ed: Yeah, that’s not disturbing at all. He’s probably just trying to emulate the Chosen’s predilection for youth, that’s healthy.

Gosh (and I say that because the God of the Jews commands me not to take the Lord’s name in vain) (ed: Not my annotation!), you could say the Republican Party is the party for Jews and those who love Jews and Israel. In fact, defending intellectual and religious liberty is one of the central tenets of what it means to be a Republican (ed: Except when it isn’t, like when the US went to war against Islam and downright outlawed communism).

He then engages in a little hypocrisy, for those who survived his blatant kissing up to Judaism:

We didn’t ask you to join us [i.e the Republican Party]. We don’t have the legal authority to take your name off our line on the ballot (but I wish we did).

So the Republican Party is the party of free thought except when you dare transgress against organised Jewry.

After that rich repast have this palate cleanser, The Chicago Tribune’s “Statement of Principles”:

The Chicago Tribune believes in the traditional principles of limited government; maximum individual responsibility; minimum restriction of personal liberty, opportunity and enterprise. It believes in free markets, free will and freedom of expression. These principles, while traditionally conservative, are guidelines and not reflexive dogmas.
The Tribune brings a Midwestern sensibility to public debate. It is suspicious of untested ideas.
The Tribune places great emphasis on the integrity of government and the private institutions that play a significant role in society. The newspaper does this in the belief that the people cannot consent to be governed unless they have knowledge of, and faith in, the leaders and operations of government. The Tribune embraces the diversity of people and perspectives in its community. It is dedicated to the future of the Chicago region.