A Shoah From the Steppes

Hans Kalm
Daily Stormer
September 18, 2016

A NRM newspaper distribution in Finland. Also, some leftist Kvetching. Bonus shot of the good boy at the end.

The kikes love nothing more than a good Shoah to push in the media, so you can only imagine the joy felt in the synagogue in Helsinki when the news broke that a leftist junkie had died a week after confronting national socialist activists.

The media had just disgruntledly reported that Iraqi “refugees” had robbed and murdered a Finn, but now that a perfect chance to push the narrative presented itself, that piece of news disappeared immediately.

The comrades from Nordic Resistance Movement organized one of their regular street demos in Helsinki on 9/10 and handed out red-pilled newspaper Vastamedia. However, this was one of those unique, singular events when the few reds had gathered enough courage to physically confront a national socialist which is a rare thing despite of all their “smash the fash” rhetoric. However, even with the help of a cocktail of drugs and the backing of a bunch of his lowlife friends, the leftie found himself lying on the pavement a split second after spitting on one of the activists. After this the leftists made a quick exit before the cops came, dragging their napping friend behind them. The cops wondered where the poor innocent victim had disappeared and went on their way.

A week later, the leftist gets a brain hemorrhage at home and dies. The recipe for the dindu story of Finland was ready. The media whipped up their reporters to push out stories at a feverish pace about a young, innocent, tender artist having died merely for saying that he disagrees with racism while passing by. And for that, he was murdered on a street in cold blood. If this sounds familiar, no wonder, it is nearly mechanical repeating of the Clement Meric Shoah, when a French antifa caved in his skull while attacking local nationalists.


Good boy, dindu nuffin’.

Much like in Tray-Tray saga, the media circulated almost 15 years old picture of the victim on his casket. Also much like in Trayboon’s case, the messages from the social media of the dead thug painted a rather different picture. The antifascist was actually stupid enough to leave his Facebook account public, where the “good hearted child” complained about fighting with the police and getting tired for showing up work high and threatening to blow up a social service office for not getting money.

The Jew fears real heroes.

The way the Jews always just have to find the worst examples of our societies to turn into egalitarian martyrs is amazing. If one ever needs further proof of the righteousness of our cause, one only needs to look at our heroes. We have Wessel, Fountoulis and Kapelonis, they have Clement, Mike Brown and well, now “Jimi.”

Nordfront Pepe

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