A Series of Uncomfortable Maps

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 22, 2017

Either evolution is either real or it isn’t.

You can study the facts or you can look at these maps, or you can decide to believe the people denying it – but whatever you choose, evolution being real passes Occam’s Razor.

The idea that colored people fail absolutely everywhere in the world, no matter what, is the result of light-skinned people being mean to them is a really, really out-there proposition, and one which no one ever would have taken seriously if they hadn’t spent their life, since birth, being brainwashed by Jews.

As time progresses, selling the idea that this overwhelming failure by brown people is the fault of whites is getting more and more difficult to do, which is why fewer and fewer people are believing it, which is why the Jews are exerting more and more pressure to shut down free and open discourse.

It isn’t hard to see all of this clearly if you just take a single step back. In fact, after that single step back, it is impossible not to see it. But people are programmed to have emotional reactions to the idea of taking a step back, so instead we continue to believe obvious lies.

However, the more people who know the truth, the closer we are to the entire society shifting. That is what we are working towards: a social shift. That is why we are against violence, that is why I am skeptical of large costumed marches through the streets.

What we are doing is working. We are using humor, we are manipulating the media, we are gaining traction and if we stay the course we will reach a societal shift. That cannot be stopped. If we weren’t on a winning path right now, they wouldn’t be inventing new forms of censorship in order to try to shut us down.

The plan should remain what the plan always was. We have a winning strategy.