A Review of Dr Nicholas Kollestrom’s ‘Breaking the Spell – The Holocaust: Myth and Reality’

Jez Turner
Daily Stormer
May 20, 2015

The leprous spawn of scattered Israel
Spreads its contagion in your English blood;
Teeming corruption rises like a flood
Whose fountain swelters in the womb of hell.
Your Jew-kept politicians buy and sell
In markets redolent of Jewish mud,
And while the ‘’Learned Elders’ chew the cud
Of liquidation’s fruits, they weave their spell.

They weave the spell that binds the heart’s desire
To gold and gluttony and sweating lust;
In hidden holds they stew the mandrake mess
That kills the soul and turns the blood to fire,
They weave the spell that turns desire to dust
And postulates the abyss of nothingness.’’

-Lord Alfred Douglas

Truth is the daughter of time.  In the end ‘the truth will out’.  It may seem unlikely, mired as we in the West are in a mass of politically correct nonsense, but it is so nonetheless.  It will just take time.  That, and some brave men willing to be martyred in the cause of Truth.  A short term view will neither acquire the necessary faith, nor the necessary martyrs.  What is needed is perspective.  History is an excellent way of obtaining it.   Gazing at mountains, I find, puts one’s troubles into perspective, while climbing mountains takes your mind off your petty troubles altogether.  Star gazing, gazing at constellations and distant galaxies however, puts one’s life in perspective, it even puts humanity into perspective.

President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s farewell address of 1961 may have made ‘the military-industrial complex’ a household term, but today he would be regarded as being distinctly off-message when, in that same speech, he referred to the international conflicts of the first 60 years of the 20th century as “holocausts”.  It shows how far we’ve come, or rather how far we’ve fallen, that today any reference to ‘a’ or ‘the holocaust’ that does not relate to the gassing of 6 million Jews, is regarded as near-on blasphemy and could arguably land you in prison.  Using the word in the plural, therefore, however innocently, is sheer heresy.

‘The Holocaust’, (the mass media version), is a hypnotic spell that immunizes most of our people against any manifestation of politically-incorrect thought.   Indeed it is becoming increasingly effective at preventing any serious or important thought at all whatsoever.  Any evidence of such thinking, any politically – incorrect thinking at all,  is met with the charge that such musings are evil, because eventually such thoughts will inevitably lead to  ’ a new holocaust’.  As such, the Holocaust myth is Jewry’s most powerful weapon, because rather like a farmer with a cattle prod, or a mesmerist with hypnosis, they use it to control us.

It's all in our minds.
It’s all in our minds.

Some of us however do not like being controlled and because of that, the Holocaust is also their most vulnerable weakness, for while it may deter cowards, careerists and simpletons from thinking, it actually spurs those who place the highest value on truth, fair play or honour, in other words the best of our people, to begin thinking in directions diametrically opposed to political correctness.  Those who realise they or their countrymen are being surreptitiously hypnotized are, if they have a conscience, apt to feel anger and suspicion towards the hypnotists.  They are apt to ask themselves just how and why they are being hypnotized.

It happens something like this:  a good man hears there is some controversy regarding ‘the Holocaust’ narrative; he is piqued to hear that people who challenge the establishment version of events suffer persecution; he investigates;  he discovers that the Hollywood version is a complete and utter fabrication;  he then realises that in order to hood-wink the entire Western World, the liars must have an immense amount of power; he then asks ‘who benefits’ from this lie?;  cui bono?;  he asks himself who has been responsible for pushing this lie?;  he comes to the conclusion that ‘the Jewish power’ is responsible;  he investigates this Power; he wonders what else he has been lied to about and what other fallacies the Western World believes;  he investigates the agenda of this Jewish Power and discovers that it will lead to the destruction of all he holds dear;  he becomes very uneasy and realises that this is the first time in his life that he has been truly awake; he comes to the conclusion that he must fight this Power with all his might and all the means at his disposal and that the best way he can do this is to wake up the rest of his race.  It’s a journey that a very many, many of our race’s brightest and best are on.

I’m sitting in a central London restaurant and I’m here to meet a good man, one of England’s brightest and best, Dr Nicholas Kollerstrom a professional science historian – he’s also a star gazer.  This astronomer is the author of ‘Terror on the Tube’’, (the book examining the possibility that the 7/7 London bombings were actually a ‘made to happen’ or ‘allowed to happen’ false flag attack), and he’s also the author of the book I’m here to interview him about today ‘Breaking the spell – the holocaust: myth and reality’.  Prior to his foray into historical revisionism, he was essentially a non-political astronomer.  Theoretically speaking, astronomy is above controversy, above human concerns, above history and above politics and this is why the victorious allies of WWII stipulated that the only sort of current affairs Rudolf Hess was allowed to study and keep up with while incarcerated in solitary confinement for all those years in Spandau was astronomy.  True Kollerstrom was tinged with a vague bohemian distrust of governments, but as a result of his awakening interest in historical revisionism he has now become a non-person to ‘The Powers That Be’ and a VIP to all sorts of radicals.  The fact that he does not have a National Socialist/ Neo-Nazi/ Nazi/ Far-right/ Fascist etc background has meant that his book and his book’s thesis have been given more attention than it otherwise perhaps would have received and has probably helped to enable the book to sold quite openly. The times indeed are a-changing.

Ensconced as I am in corner seat of the restaurant, I sit and wait unobserved.  Nick Kollerstrom, walks in and hesitates looking for me.   I forgot to add, he is also a self-confessed ‘extremist’.

The term of course in the objective sense is meaningless – comparing today with a hundred years ago shows that what is considered dangerously extreme today was run-of-the-mill then, and what was considered extreme or sheer, utter lunacy then is now enforced as normal by ever more aggressive legislation and propaganda of the liberal tyranny under which we sweat, slave and squirm.   It is this modern-day extremism that the British Prime Minister, David Cameron, raged against in a recent speech. Cameron lamented as he spoke, that it was not enough to merely clamp down on political violence and terrorism, no, it was becoming increasingly necessary to clamp down on what he called ‘non-violent extremism’ too, as this fed into and led on to forms of political violence and terrorism.  Laughable, I hear you cry?  Why not ban thought altogether and have done?   English Common Law, and the similar historic laws that exist in all lands that our race has made its home, have always been against incitement to commit acts of violence.  Politically correct legislation, however, partly using the incitement to commit violence excuse, currently makes illegal any thought that could lead to something that could lead to something else that could possibly lead on to something yet more that could in turn perhaps etc lead to violence.  In other words current politically correct legislation is about 17 steps removed from genuine incitement to violence.

Cameron’s speech, which was designed to test the water on pushing the legislation even further, was ludicrous in its implications – who for instance defines ‘extremism’?  Of course the Prime Minister is just a puppet and if he did any real thinking he would realise that banning extremism is in itself extreme.    Worryingly, for what is left of free speech, his speech met with either deafening silence or approval from the mainstream political parties, politicians and the mass media.  Nigel Farage of the UK Independence Party, perhaps sensing a move to ban his own political party, was a lone voice of dissent among major politicians.  Nicholas Kollerstrom, looking on aghast and horrified as he was by the lack of opposition to Cameron’s speech realised that a demonstrative example of the implementation of such a law, would be just the thing to reveal the idiocy it would lead to. He was swift to act and, with various cameras in tow, he promptly marched into Scotland Yard and demanded that the duty sergeant arrest him then and there as an ‘extremist’.  The rather embarrassed policeman behind the desk, after phoning higher levels for advice, politely declined to arrest Kollestrom, who as a result became something of a celebrity overnight. The incident shows what manner of man he is.

The waitress points me out to him.  He waves, bounds over and plonks himself down opposite.  He has an honest face, and keen, intelligent eyes, and, delighted to see me, is giving me a beaming, boyish smile.  I see therein integrity and detachment, it is definitely a face that belongs on the bench rather than in the dock.

And yet a shadow of suffering shades his brow, for this man has been judged, found guilty, and punished both by University College London, (UCL), which sacked him from his teaching post, and by the controllers of the mass media which demonised him. And yet he has committed no crime.  Prior to his ostracism he was a respected Astronomy Historian and has dozens of  academic papers and several books published to his credit,  including ‘Lead on the Brain’ (1982), ‘Astrochemistry’, (1984), ‘The Eureka Effect’ (1994),  ‘Newton’s forgotten Lunar Theory’, (2000), and ‘Galileo’s Astrology’ (2004).  He was elected to the New York Academy of Sciences in 1999 and has met the late Patrick Moore the presenter of The Sky at Night television programme on several occasions.  He has also contributed several biographies to the Oxford two-volume biographical ‘Encyclopeadia of Astronomers’.  And yet in April 2008, ‘the Holocaust’ swam into his ken and he was thrown off the academic staff at UCL for merely pointing out in a series of articles that certain aspects of the standard establishment schoolbook version of what happened to the Jews in the second world-war did not make any sense – did not make any sense at all.  And of course the standard version of events does not make sense, everyone knows that, but very few of course dare to say so publically.  But fifty million schoolbooks worldwide can’t be wrong, can they?  Can they?  Well, yes, easily so, especially when the national curriculums and the publishing industries worldwide are controlled by the same small coterie of people who share the same ethnic interest in ‘keeping them wrong’.

Ironically UCL prides itself on allowing free thought for its staff and students, but of course like of all of modern Western universities speech and thought there are only ‘free’ if you keep your thoughts, ideas and writings well within the increasingly constrictive politically correct consensus.  If anyone strays outside these boundaries he will, as David Irving commented on Dr Kollerstrom’s fall from grace, ‘’… have to get used to living his life in the shadows.’’

Dr Kollerstrom, however, was not content to live his life in the shadows and surprisingly still found himself welcome and tolerated among sections of the worldwide astronomical fraternity.  He has also made a name for himself in the growing ranks of those who cast doubt on the establishment’s versions of major events – a movement which has always in the past been confined to marginalised ‘far-right’, anti-Zionist tendencies, but which has recently leaped into the mainstream due to the boost given it by the 9/11 World Trade Centre attacks, the expose of the fallacious Weapons of Mass Destruction as a justification for invading Iraq, and the distinct lack of mass media outrage over the repeated carpet bombing of Gaza.

Following a Cameron speech equating  9/11 scholars to terrorists, Kollerstrom turned himself in to counter-terrorism police.
Following a Cameron speech equating 9/11 scholars to terrorists, Kollerstrom turned himself in to counter-terrorism police.

So somehow Dr Kollerstrom survived the onslaught against him and continued his researches.  This book then is the maturation of his thinking on what has become known as ‘The Holocaust’ and is unique in that for the first time it brings together all the various chemical and scientific studies which have been conducted into that event.  It is one of those ‘if you only read one book on the subject, this is the one to read’ kind of books.  But it is also a monumental work in that it combines all this with being the first study to make use of the British Intelligence decrypts that were made after the Enigma codes were broken.  ‘’I approached the Holocaust Controversy with an open mind and with no real opinion.  I was just curious what all the fuss was about.  In effect I followed the scientist’s dictum ‘No opinion until you get the primary source data’.  This I proceeded to get.’’

‘Truth isn’t in accounts it is in account books’

-Josephine Tey

After British intelligence experts cracked the enigma code in 1941 they were able to listen in to everything that the Germans did – everything.   And this included everything in all the camps, including the camps where ‘the Holocaust’ is supposed to have happened.  They listened to the comings and goings at the camps, what supplies came in, the total numbers in the camps day by day, production figures, numbers of births, numbers and causes of deaths, kilograms of fuel used etc.  The Germans were meticulous record keepers and administrators.  Everything was recorded by them and everything, literally everything, was intercepted by the British, duly recorded, decoded, transcripted, documented and stored.  And the transcripts are now available for all to see at The Public Records Office recently renamed The National Archives – only a short walk from Kew Botanical Gardens in west London.  And as yet, no establishment historians, no journalists and no pro-Zionists or pro-Zionist groups have made use of them. Nor will they.  Ever.  Not surprising really as the evidence therein explains just why no one rushes to see them, and why in fact almost everyone rushes away from them, fervently keen not to see them.  Almost everyone.  The decrypts also partly explain why the British Government was initially very reluctant to fall in with the post-war Soviet propaganda aim of concocting a Holocaust.  The simple fact is not just that there is absolutely no evidence of mass killings, but that there were no mass killings.

The transcripts from the intercepts are backed up by multiple sources, including the extensive camp records found in all the liberated camps – now held by the Soviets.   It also ties in with all the other evidence amassed by the diverse array of historical revisionists, who, often at the risk of their liberty and not infrequently their lives, have bravely launched themselves on, in Professor Faurisson’s words, ‘’a quest for historical exactitude’’.   There is, however, an inertia amongst most people making them reluctant to accept the truth.  The truth after all carries implications which are just too staggering to contemplate for the average person and the old adage by Mark Twain explains why.

‘’It is easier to dupe someone than it is for someone to admit they have been duped’’

-Mark Twain

And yet the truth has always been with us, obvious to those who have ‘eyes to see’.  After all,  The International Committee of the Red Cross states that in all the camps, and not just the so-called ‘death camps’, a total of  271,301 people died and that these deaths were from all ethnic and religious groups, and that they died from typhus, typhoid and other diseases brought on by malnutrition as a result of supply lines being disrupted by the Allied bombing campaign.  Additionally, the Red Cross records state that all ethnic and religious groups in the camps died in equal proportions, (more Catholics than Jews died at Auchwitz), and that no ethnic or religious group was targeted by being withheld food or medicine -even the guards died.

The Red Cross's own documents prove the modern narrative false.
The Red Cross’s own documents prove the modern narrative false.

It is somewhat sobering to realise that more people died in the one night of fire-storm hell bombing of Dresden, (350,000 at a conservative estimate), than died in all the camps put together, (271,000), throughout the entire duration of the Third Reich.  In other words more people died in the destruction of Dresden than in the entire ‘Holocaust’.  Even if we don’t take into account the bombing of all the other cities, eg Hamburg etc, it is a clear fact startling to behold that a person was safer off being in the camps than he was being out of them.

I ask Kollerstrom, firstly, why he wrote the original articles in 2008 that got him into so much hot water?, and, secondly, knowing the reaction he got then why has he now dared to publish this book, ‘Breaking the Spell’?  Why in other words has he decided once more, to use Lord Alfred Douglas’s phrase, to ‘face the fury of the Jews’?

He smiles at me with that impish good humoured smile again and explains that ‘the truth is worth it’.  He adds that he feels that the tide of public opinion is at last turning, that the public is now more knowledgeable than they used to be about the discrepancies in the establishment approved versions of history, and that the same public is now, encouragingly, beginning to realise just why they have been duped.

’No Night Lasts Forever’

He goes on to explain that no academic history of science journal dares touch the Holocaust issue and he thought that he’d ‘’better do something about it’’.  And he’s right.  Science is held up by our rational, sophisticated worldview as a saviour, and held up almost as a god, or at least held up so with religious fervour.  Science is supposed to provide the one objective truth, it is supposed to lead us into the light and yet, and yet… science is only as good as the scientists.  And the scientists have, where it really mattered, failed us.

Kollerstrom adds that as he gets older he realises how important history is. He realises how powerful cowardice and laziness are and that they have to be constantly fought.  He realises how so very powerful a kind of incantation or enchantment can be.  He knows that most people live their lives under a spell of falsehood and he realises too that The Truth is of supreme importance, for, in the final analysis, only The Truth can break the spell.  Only The Truth can therefore set our people free.

‘’No blazoned banner we unfold –

One charge alone we give to youth,

Against the sceptred myth to hold

The golden heresy of Truth.’’

-George William (‘A.E.’) Russell


Dr Nicholas Kollerstrom ‘Breaking the Spell: The Holocaust: Myth & Reality’

ISBN: 1-59148-071-X , Castle Hill Publishers, Uckfield, England

Available from The Barnes Review, amazon.com & amazon.co.uk.