A Response to Paleo Diet Denialism

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 16, 2015

If you've got the money, just eat steak every day.
If you’ve got the money, just eat steak every day.  You can’t go wrong

In the comments section of my Paleo Diet Challenge article, as well as on the radio show about the same, several people were denying the challenge complaining about the diet itself.

It usually was “grain/dairy is good because blabity blah blah I know that because blabity blah blah.”

And maybe these people have scientific research and/or personal experience to back up what they’re saying.  I’m not insulting them for disagreeing with me on diet, that is clearly their right.

But the entire purpose of the challenge is to demonstrate that paleo works, because diet, unlike the other subjects we cover on this site, is something that can be debated endlessly with no one ever agreeing on anything.  So naturally, a test is in order.

I know for a fact that at least 9 out of 10 people who dare to take this challenge will report back positively if they follow it properly for a month, and this means a whole lot more than someone’s opinion about what it might or might not do, theoretically.

You can all clearly note that no one in the comments section arguing against paleo has said “yeah I tried it for 30 days and it made me feel horrible, so I know it’s bad.”  Instead, they are arguing theoretically, making highly debatable statements like “White people have evolved to be able to consume dairy products.”  Obviously, most of us tolerate them, but that doesn’t in any way mean they are beneficial.  The way to know whether or not they are beneficial is to quit them for a period and see how you feel.  Currently, because the scientific literature on these topics is so convoluted and debated on, there is no other conceivable way to prove it one way or another than through our own testing.

And nothing bad is going to happen in 30 days, even if I am totally wrong and the diet is completely unhealthy somehow.  So no one has anything to lose by taking this challenge, while they have much to gain, potentially.

“Fad Diet”

Many have referred to paleo as a “fad diet.”  And it may be a diet that is a fad, but it is also a diet with a thousands upon thousands of years long precedent.  One might even suggest that it is the consumption of grains and dairy that are the “fad,” as it is a relatively new trend, in the scope of things.

For some reason the term “fad diet” makes me think of this song.

Deniers Gonna Deny

If you feel as if you are at peak physical health eating grains and dairy, and have no desire to spend time trying to improve on this, than by all means skip the challenge.

I'm only trying to help.
I’m only trying to help.

Most people, however, probably don’t feel that they are at maximum fitness and are as such looking to improve upon their fitness.  And for most people, this diet will give them a very significant advantage in doing that.

So do not be upset.  I am not trying to rustle anyone’s jimmies.

Any real debate needs to wait until after the challenge, when people who took it on give us their feedback on how it affected them.

Vegetarianism and the Hitler Reason

Hitler was a vegetarian, though the definition at the time was slightly different.  I don’t deny that.  But Hitler was a hyper-spiritual sort of ascetic.  He was also not particularly healthy, generally.  There were obviously a lot of factors that went into that, stress and a lack of sleep being somewhere near the top, but in my opinion, vegetarianism played a role in that.

We should also note that the definitions of vegetarianism were different then, and Hitler did eat eggs and probably wasn’t completely meat-free.

I'm sure he got the best fruits and vegetables.
I’m sure he got the best fruits and vegetables.

Anyway, I understand that no ethical vegetarians (the only kind that I am aware of existing currently) are going to take part in the challenge, and that is fine.

Veganism can, as I am sure any vegans know, cause serious health and hormone problems.  Lacto-vegetarianism is probably less dangerous, I guess, but for me personally, I believe my body is the very first thing I should be concerned about as a human being, and though I have no desire to see animals suffer unnecessarily, I feel my own life is much more important than theirs.

But it isn’t my place to judge people on their personal lifestyle choices or morality.


Last time I wrote that White rice and potatoes are good carbs, but I want to be clear that they are not necessary unless you are both already at 5% body weight and you are highly active.

Sushi is okay.  As long as it doesn't have that mayonnaise-like sauce that Western sushi places put on it sometimes.
Sushi is okay. As long as it doesn’t have that mayonnaise-like sauce that Western sushi places put on it sometimes.

Even if you are not active, you need to consume a decent amount of carbs once a week in order to keep your metabolism from slowing down too much.  However, it is probably preferable to use fruits for this purpose, as they contain more micronutrients.

Getting Smaller, Getting Bigger

This plan works for both overweight and underweight individuals, and if either take the 30 day challenge, they will see results.  The fact is that animal protein is the single best way to build muscle and increase testosterone.  Building muscle and increasing testosterone are the key to reaching optimal weight, whether you are over or under.

Obviously, in order to gain muscle mass you will need to be involved in some sort of physical activity, but for a lot of people being ripped is not necessarily the goal, and they simply want to be fit and healthy.  The biggest part of that is diet, but assuming you don’t work a physical job, you do still need some exercise.

We have to stop these kikes.  We might as well do it looking like Cimmerians.
We have to stop these kikes. We’d be better off doing it while looking like Cimmerians.

However, diet is more important than exercise when it comes to fat distribution.  The issue though is that you cannot remove 100% of fat if you are completely sedentary.  I mean American-style sedentary – most Europeans walk a lot more, and if you have diet under control, walking could be enough to keep you generally fit without having to go to the gym or play a sport.

Money Issues

Yes, this diet will technically cost more than a processed foods and grain-based diet, all things being equal.  The only reason anyone ever ate grains in the first place is because they were cheap, and processed foods were invented for the same reason.  Any natural and healthy diet is going to cost more, all things being equal.  However, things don’t have to be equal.

You can’t really eat out much on this diet, so that is already a price drop.  You probably can afford fresh meat and you just aren’t used to buying it; you can always ask for miscuts at the butcher and in the evening meat is often heavily discounted if it is expiring the next day.  Ground beef isn’t usually too much and ground pork is cheaper.  And these are easier to cook for us kitchen-incompetent men.

But other options include canned tuna and sardines (I would go for the sardines, without any of that red sauce) and eggs.  The vegetables should not be expensive if you buy those that grow locally.

Organic Products

Obviously, organic products are generally superior, and should be consumed if possible.  I didn’t even bother to mention this last time because I just take it for granted that people are aware that, all things being equal, organic is much better.  This is less of an issue in Europe where the food industry is a bit better regulated.

Two Days Remain

I trust that everyone who is taking the challenge has prepared themselves.  I tried to answer most of the questions people had in the last thread, but it was so filled up with denialism I could have missed something.  So ask here.

No one who engages this challenge will regret it, I promise.

Your testosterone will rise, you will feel stronger, you will train better and you will have more energy.

Guaranteed or your money back.