A Response to Black Pigeon’s Video on Human Genetic Engineering

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 1, 2017

Were you in need of a MODERATE view on genetic engineering eugenics?

Well if you were in need of that or not – I’ve got it for you.

Actually, this is one of the least “BUT LET’S BE REASONABLE THO” tier videos Black Pigeon has created thus far.

In fact, it is high philosophy, and I salute him.

I’m not even really comfortable labeling this guy a moderate, to be honest. It is more that he just likes to think of himself as too intelligent to just “blame the Jews for everything,” and instead wants to go back and re-litigate the Enlightenment. For my own part, I am not even against re-litigating the Enlightenment, and in fact thing the Enlightenment should be re-litigated; my argument is simply that the Enlightenment already would have been re-litigated – as white Western society has always been self-correcting, both in terms of ideology and practical issues – if it were not for the Jews throwing a wrench in our re-litigation and self-correction machine.

In my view, the 1920s and 30s brought attempts to apply scientific technique to a then-modern industrial society, and that the wrench the Jews threw into that was communism and then WWII and then a bunch more communism (and variations thereof).

The analogy would be that you fall down while jogging and sprain your ankle. Normally, you would get up, hobble to the nearest somewhere, call an ambulance – or more likely, since you’ve had problems like this before and you’re almost positive it’s just a sprain, a friend – to drive you to the hospital to ensure you that it’s not broken and advise you on how to deal with it. Most likely, they will tell you to rest, put ice on it, keep it in a compression wrap for a day or two. Maybe they will give you crutches to use for a week or so if it is real bad. But there isn’t a serious problem there, and your most likely fully recovered and out jogging again in 2 to 3 weeks at very most.

In the version of this analogy where Jews are involved, you fall down while jogging and sprain your ankle, but then while you are trying to get up and hobble somewhere to make a phone call to a friend, a black van drives up and a group of men with baseball bats jumps out and starts beating you with them, then duct tapes your hands and feet, throws you in the back of the van, drives you to the nearest bridge and throws you off of it.

So while I do understand this “IT’S MORE COMPLICATED THAN JUST BLAMING THE JEWS FOR EVERYTHING” way of thinking, I simply do not believe it is correct (or for that matter, intellectually honest). And my lack of belief is not based on an inability to understand the opposing argument. However, at the same time, I am able to take people like Stefan Molyneux and Black Pigeon, who refuse to put Jews at the center of their analysis of the malaise of Western civilization, as being in good faith. Although I do feel there is a certain degree of “hahaha, thou art a plebeian fool!” coming from these people, that doesn’t necessarily mean there is bad faith involved, just that they are perhaps lacking the level of self-reflection they claim they possess.


That doesn’t mean that such individuals can’t come up with some great stuff, which is why I do post the best of their stuff. I think that even with the blinders they are wearing, they are still able to contribute something unique to the dialogue, because, at least in the cases of Molyneux and BP, they are uniquely intelligent individuals.

The above video is a grand example of this.

What we have is a properly nuanced moral take on using genetic engineering to better mankind, as well as a logically bulletproof rebuke of those who claim to have the moral high-ground on such issues, along with a genuine practical view (with the corresponding rebuke of the moralizing demagogues who believe that practical concerns are irrelevant to their grand moral vision of egalitarianism).

The point that the Chinese are going to create designer babies, and that this process could rapidly lead to 4-digit IQ godlike beings – regardless of what we in the West choose to do – is an extremely important discussion point. In fact, it is the most important point of this discussion. To the Chinese, the moral concerns being presented by moralizing, feminized Western true believers are to be dismissed out of hand so rapidly that they may not even take the time to laugh at them.

For them, the ability to create godmen means that godmen should and in fact must be created.

A point that Black Pigeon does not state explicitly, but which I think should be explicitly stated, is that if we were willing to compete with the Chinese in this field, we would beat them easily.

The problem is that our establishment is currently so corrupted by Jewish thought regarding the sacred nature of genetic inferiority that there is almost zero chance that we are going to be involved in this competition, assuming we do not have a revolution of some type (note that I am NOT of the belief that any kind of revolution must necessarily be a violent one, and am in fact opposed to those who make such claims, as I view them as at best unserious people).

The good news is that the human genetic engineering arms race is only in its infancy (another point that I don’t think was fully explicated in the BP video), and this is something that certainly going to present unforeseen challenges which will take decades to overcome.

However, if we do not get in the game relatively soon, the Chinese will be developing Prometheus-tier superhumans which will probably form a council and decide to exterminate us all.

The other factor in this game is AI, which could enter the “godlike being” game before genetically-engineered superhumans. No one knows.

What we do know is that if it were not for Jews and women running our societies into the ground with the most deranged of conceivable cultural zeitgeists, we would be having a very open and interesting public discussion on these matters, in place of our current very open and bizarre public discussions about shooting children with the hormones of the opposite sex and mutilating their genitals, or the cultural benefits that Islam offers the West.


I just want to reiterate, once again, how helpful it would be to our collective internet discussion if those who prefer video as a means to transmit their ideas would release transcripts and citation lists with their videos. Especially when they are scripted videos, like those of Black Pigeon or Sargon of Akkad (Molyneux is free-flow, so I understand why he doesn’t release transcripts – although they would still be very helpful – and am very grateful for his citation lists).