A Response to Arab Who Banned Whites and Men from Diversity Event

Morgoth’s Review
May 13, 2015

A “Student Union Officer” at Goldsmith’s University, Bahar Mustafa, recently caused a stir by banning White people and men from a equality-promotion event. For some reason she has responded with a video refuting many of the allegations against her, generally running the gamut of Lefty student cliche.

Dear Bahar,

I viewed your video speech with a mixture of annoyance and amusement, pretty much every line was straight out of the Neo Marxist Tool Kit and as an “Ethnic Minority Woman” this makes sense because the reason you and other minorities are in my country in the first place is not because we ”colonized” your countries, it is because our political class is Neo Marxist. Your country, Turkey, also had an Empire, one of the most brutal in history, I have to ask if you also support Turks being reverse colonized ?. I doubt it, because Neo Marxism is directed exclusively toward Europeans.

What I found baffling is that you are unable to see the central contradiction in your world view, let me explain it. According to you “White Supremacy” rules the world and it is therefore impossible for you to be “racist” toward us because we are the primary benefactors of our power system. But if this is to be believed then you must explain how and why we Whites allowed ourselves to become ethnic minorities in several of our cities, including London,  despite the fact the Native White population was against mass immigration from the start. Now, either the White power structure and the people who created it are utterly moronic, and therefore too moronic to have invented the White power structure in the first place, or there is another element in play. This problem of yours grows worse if we pursue this line of thought further, the very fact that you are here and openly and proudly agitating for non Whites, and that you have not been banned from doing so or sent back to your Native countries, suggests that the will of the Native White population is not powerful, not hegemonic and, actually, not even seriously considered at all. If it was you would not be here doing what you do.

So what are you, then? You and all other “BME” people are unwanted colonizers, you are intruders and invaders and it is precisely because there is no ”White Power Structure” that you are able to  force yourself onto my people. I am unaware if you are aware of the history of your thinking, but it stems from another minority group, Jewish Marxists. Take what you have to say in your video and compare it to what Jewish Marxist Noel Ignatiev has to say:

Sound familiar? this is your thinking, your activism, the end goal is not “equality” it is the end of White people, it is genocide. This is why your “White Power Structure” ignores the mass rape of White girls at the hands of Pakistanis. But you don’t care about that, you are too busy snooping around looking for “micro aggressions.” What you are is the vanguard, the shock troops, the drones, the pawns.

Except the deluded White Leftists who are standing with you in that room the others, the non Whites, all have something special, something you are denying us, and that is a secure living space. I imagine that you or your friends on reading that last line will give a knee-Jerk “Well you should have thought about that when…” leaving aside the obvious blood libel on the heads of White children, has it not occurred to you that the same elite who meddle in the affairs of other countries are now replacing the Natives with you and the other BME groups? As I said, you are dupes.

If you truly want to bring down the Globalist “White Elites” first you must understand that they are mainly Jewish, and second, understand that the Whites among them are fully on board with dispossessing their own people. Return home, and help us fight them from there. By remaining here you are actually part of the power structure.

All the best.