A Real Shocker: 80% of Young Adults Feel Depressed and Hopeless

Who would have ever imagined that locking up young people, completely isolating them from their peers, forcing them to stay home with mommy indefinitely, would have a negative effect on them?

I’m sure the government, the media and the ruling elite that are behind both couldn’t have imagined it, otherwise they wouldn’t have foisted the coronavirus hoax upon us. After all, they only hoaxed us like this because they love us, and they’re very concerned about our health.

The big picture: A big study by experts, published in the Journal of Adolescent Health, has uncovered that during this ongoing social implosion that the government and media have forced on society in the name of fighting the alleged coronavirus, young adults are experiencing severe mental health problems.

  • Research has consistently shown that the lockdown has an outsized effect on young people.
  • A staggering 59% reported having lost employment because of the lockdown.
  • The media claims this was caused by “the pandemic,” but “the pandemic” didn’t shut down the economy – the government and media did.
  • Asked about symptoms of anxiety or depression, 75% reported being nervous, 68% reported not being able to stop or control worrying, 67% had little interest in pleasure or doing things and 64% reported feeling “down, depressed or hopeless.”

Go deeper: A second study, from the Journal of Psychoactive Drugs, found even more troubling issues.

  • There: 80% of young adults reported significant depressive symptoms, 80% reported drinking alcohol and 30% reported “harmful levels of drinking.”
  • Furthermore: 22% of participants reported using drugs, with one-third of those calling the drug use “severe.”

Go double deep: A third study, conducted by the Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, compiled over 60 separate studies on what the lockdown has done to the mental health of people ages 4 to 21, and found that this lockdown is doing permanent psychological damage.

  • “As school closures continue, indoor play facilities remain closed and at best, young people can meet outdoors in small groups only, chances are that many are lonely (and continue to be so over time),” said lead author, Maria Loades.
  • Loneliness leads directly to lasting mental health problems, including depression and anxiety.
  • “Of relevance to the COVID-19 context, we found some evidence that it is the duration of loneliness that is more strongly associated with later mental health problems,” the authors said.
  • They estimated that having been forced through this lockdown, children are now three times more likely to develop mental health problems. These risks increase as the lockdown continues.

Just the facts: Healthy young people have zero risk of being harmed by the coronavirus, even if you believe the entire story the WHO and CDC are selling you.

  • The government and media are telling us that we have to sacrifice multiple generations of young people to save people in nursing homes from dying of a flu virus.
  • The government and media have not explained the logic of this.
  • The government and media have not explained why you couldn’t simply quarantine the vulnerable and let others live normally.
  • Zeke Emanuel, the top Jew advising Joe Biden on the coronavirus and one of the first people to come out with the concept of an indefinite lockdown, has previously argued that people should be euthanized when they turn 75.
  • Nothing about any of this makes any sense.
  • This is obviously all a gigantic hoax designed to destroy the social order, destroy the economy and strip everyone of their freedoms.

Of note: All humans are social, but children and young people are much more social than older people.

  • Children and young people require the feeling of togetherness with others in a group.
  • They need to be close and to touch each other. They also need to see each other’s faces.
  • Being around mommy all the time causes serious mental disorders in children.
  • This is why home schooling is child abuse, done exclusively by lunatics.
  • Even if kids are allowed to see each other, when they can’t see each other’s faces, or get close to each other, they’re not fulfilling their necessary social interaction psychological quota.
  • Irreparable damage has been done to an entire population of young people.
  • The media basically doesn’t talk about this at all, and if they do talk about it, they discuss it as a sad and unfortunate consequence of the lockdown, then blame Donald Trump.

No one is allowed to ask: is the lockdown worth it?

It is taken for granted by the media and the government that the lockdown was effectively a force of nature, which they themselves had no control over.

Clearly, if the media was willing to explain the facts, and what we are exchanging for what we are allegedly gaining, no one would agree with the lockdown. We are collapsing the economy, losing all of our most basic freedoms, causing untold millions of third worlders to starve to death, destroying the basic mental health of several generations – in exchange for ostensibly keeping people in their 80s and 90s in nursing homes alive for a couple more months or years.

We have made a terrible mistake, and future generations will curse us for what we’ve allowed to happen.