A Reader Reckons White Knights Think If We Do More of the Same Hard Enough, Women Will Change

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 27, 2020

A standard white knight, equating being against feminism with hatred and anti-natalism (literally the exact opposite of reality).

Following yesterday’s piece on the baffling agenda of white knights on far-right internet forums, a reader offered his thoughts on what they are up to:

Everything these male impersonators do hinges on a flawed presumption of universal fairness. They believe, in the face of all evidence to the contrary, that if you’re nice enough to women, they’ll realize the state of things and become decent human beings. The “solutions” they propose are simply more of the same, implying that this hasn’t already been a proven failure. Women have had so many fucking chances to come to the party if they were ever going to (without coercion) and it’s really beyond a joke to pretend otherwise at this late stage of the game.

There’s also a secondary problem with this approach; it places expectations on men to fix social dynamics (unreasonable) while tying one arm behind their back in terms of tactics they’re permitted to employ (impossible). Fundamentally, white knights have a psychological need to remain within the confines of gynocentric morality and they’ll engage in any amount of mental gymnastics to avoid admitting female evil. Like typical conservatives, they’ll take “principles” over victory in any context.

The problem with white knights is that they’re spineless and they keep making good-faith gestures to “meet women half way” without ever expecting reciprocation or guarantees which only demonstrates that they have no understanding of female nature. Women take advantage of this naïveté and bring them, by degrees, to accept increasingly brutal forms of feminism. This framework of thinking about the issue provides no ability re-evaluate things in the face of repeated failures.

There’s also a bizarre unspoken assumption being made here that equates inequality with hatred. The same exact arguments could be made about children; “Why do you hate children? Let them vote, take drugs and consent to sex.”

Answering the original question; what these posters want is to demoralize people by suggesting that men not only have a responsibility to fix things, but an obligation to do it in a way women find nice and unobjectionable. Even if we weren’t decades beyond being able to resolve this existential threat in a way that was inoffensive, it still wouldn’t be a priority to do so. The biggest fear of any white knight is not that white people suffer genocide, but that we win by abolition of gynocentric morality.

I agree that any attempt to suggest that there is anything at all that men can do to repair the family is blatant victim-blaming.

We simply are not being given any path whatsoever to change anything at all. Women are living the high life, doing absolutely whatever they feel like doing at any given moment, and we are left dealing with the fallout of every single mess they create, as they blame us for the messes and blame us for not cleaning them up quickly enough.

The only possible thing that we could do that might have some kind of effect is the exact opposite of what white knights are demanding, and simply refuse to engage women on any level whatsoever. Do not be a boyfriend, do not take them on dates, do not flirt with them, do not talk to them, don’t even look at them. At the very least, this would be better for each of us. Because we gain absolutely nothing by playing the stupid game that women have turned our entire society into.

There is literally only one single contribution of any value at all that women are able to provide society with, and most of them are not even capable of performing it.

I am of course talking about this: