A Reader Reckons the Entire US Government is a Sham, Disguising Hidden Interests

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 20, 2020

A piece I wrote yesterday contained the following chart regarding censorship in America vs. censorship in China:

China United States
Criticism of government No Sometimes (depending on party and specific politician)
Criticism of women Yes No
Criticism of gays Yes No
Criticism of trannies Yes No
Criticism of Moslems Yes No
Criticism of Jews Yes No
Historical revisionism Yes No
Sandy Hook denialism Yes No
Boycotting Israel Yes No
Being against abortion Yes No
Posting FBI crime statistics Yes No
Criticizing Teen Vogue for promoting anal sex to teenagers Yes No
Criticizing CNN or the Washington Post Yes No
Criticizing David Hogg Yes No
Saying the word “retard” Yes No
Being against a CIA coup in Venezuela Yes No
Being against a CIA coup in Hong Kong Yes No
Threatening Baby Yoda Maybe No

A reader responded with a good comment about the nature of our system vs. that of China.

The real problem we face is a problem of semantics. Because we don’t even have a real government anymore, the word “government” doesn’t even make sense.

What we have instead is a simulacrum of governance. There is an exoteric (i.e., visible) government which is, largely, a complete sham. 98% of our elected officials are either useful idiots or puppets, or useful idiot puppets. The other 2% are part of the esoteric (i.e., hidden) “government”–which is the real government because it actually controls everything that matters–an international crime syndicate that spans the military, the federal intelligence and law enforcement agencies, certain foreign intelligence agencies (Mossad, MI6, etc), the defense industry, the nuclear materials and technology industry, the tech industry, the drug industry (both legal and illegal), certain international shipping and logistics companies, international banking and finance, and the media and entertainment industries.

The Chinese government, on the other hand, is not a phony sham. It is pretty much exactly what it appears to be. If you are a member of the Communist Party, you are part of the government. Everybody knows that, everybody can see that, and everybody knows exactly where they stand in relation to their rulers. Yes, the Party can be corrupt and disorganized but at least it operates more or less out in the open.

So with that in mind, the table in the article starts to make a lot more sense. All of these things fit into several related categories: they are either a protected class of the real government (wahmens, fags, dykes, negroes, illegal immigrants, legal immigrants, Muslims, Jews), a signifier of real government covert actions against their alleged constituents (David Hogg, Sandy Hoax, Holohoax propaganda, Transexualism, Sodomy, etc), overt activities of organs of our real government (CIA coups against Venezuela and China, etc), or the different organs of our real government themselves (ADL, AIPAC, CIA, Israel, the Mainstream Media, etc.)

What makes this whole thing so hilarious is, because this international crime syndicate that is our real government must remain hidden, they are obliged to censor any information related to it. The more power they accrue, the more obvious they become, and the more obvious their activity becomes, which leads to exponentially increasing amounts of censorship in order to keep all this shit hidden from the normies, and keep them believing in the sorry lie that is their sham government, which becomes increasingly laughable and absurd every single day.

I agree with this.

That is the nature of the Beast.

The Russian hacking hoax is playing a major role in all of this new censorship that is coming. So expect to continue to hear more and more about that.

It is an overwhelming image, this image of the Beast.

But push forward we must.

There is no other choice.

And a New Jerusalem awaits us on the other side.