A Reader Notes the Premises and Conclusions of Total Feminism

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 22, 2020

A reader has summed up the current state of our discourse on women:

  • P1: Women will cause social decay to the extent they’re permitted.
  • P2: It’s considered immoral to limit female behavior.
  • C1: It’s considered immoral to limit social decay.
  • C2: Unrestricted social decay is considered a moral imperative.

This is precisely true.

All women will absolutely destroy as much as they are allowed to destroy.

Women will destroy their own families. Women will destroy any workplace they are allowed to inhabit. Women will sue you for tens of millions of dollars, based on total nonsense. Women will have sex with you and accuse you of rape. Women will convert their sons into transsexuals.

Women do not feel guilt, because they cannot comprehend that it is possible for them to do something wrong. Women’s behavior was historically regulated by shame and physical force, but the latter is now totally banned and the former is almost totally banned. We are reaching the point of peak feminism, when they will only be disallowed from doing things such as murder.

Where is this all going?

No one knows.

But it cannot possibly be good.