A Reader Comes to a Difficult Realization Regarding the Women in His Life

After the Daily Stormer published an essay, “On the Unmanageableness of the Cunt Class,” many readers took note.

One reader experienced an important revelation:

AA’s write up on the “cunt class” really hit me in the feels. Specifically how millennial women are unbearable across the board. The issue I’m having is not very complex, infact it’s quite simple:

My mother is a stupid bitch.
My step mother is a stupid bitch.
My ex is a stupid bitch.
All of my sisters in law are stupid bitches.
Female cousin’s, stupid bitches.
The girlfriends of friends, stupid bitches.
Pretty much any woman I meet is a stupid bitch.

I know Anglin stated this many a time but I once hung onto the belief that out there somewhere there were women who are not stupid bitches. Women who did not act like complete cunts to the men in their lives existed, somewhere, out there in the cold reaches of space. The hypothetical good woman was out there I just hadn’t met her yet. I now know that she does not exist and I will never meet one who isn’t a stupid fucking bitch.

There is no way out of it; it’s just something everyone has to deal with.

The best option is to boycott them. Don’t give them the attention they crave. When they talk in a group, don’t make eye contact or look at them, talk to the men in the room instead. Just in general, try to avoid being around them.

This whole situation where all of our time is spent around women is unnatural and insane. Up until very recently, men would work with only men, then go to the pub with only men, and only see their wives a couple hours a day. Before that, men would go on long hunting trips with other men, or work in a field with other men. That’s nature. The sexes are intended by God to be generally separated, and to come in contact with each other only for brief periods.

You all know that no woman has ever said anything interesting to you in your entire life. Even famous women like Tomi Lahren do nothing at all but repeat talking points, or whine incoherently about their childlike and selfish emotional states.

We should understand that this is not the fault of the Jews. It’s just the way women are. People who blame the Jews for the behavior of women are just another form of feminist. What the Jews did was make it so there were no restraints on women’s behavior, and no consequences for it. They can have sex with whoever they want and not be shamed or get pregnant. They can marry and divorce as suits their whims. They can invade every traditionally male space and make themselves the center of attention.

When given these opportunities, they all took them. So we can blame the Jews for the situation. But the fact of reality is that women are simply naturally vile, and they have to be controlled by men, and severely restricted, or they will just destroy everything around them.

There aren’t any “good women” or “bad women.” There are just women. What exists are healthy societies and unhealthy societies. A healthy society restricts the behavior of women, so that they cannot go buckwild, destroying everything in sight.

Your own emotions are lying to you, telling you that there must be some good in them. These emotions exist because they helped you to succeed in reproducing. Men who believed women were angelic and pure were historically more likely to successfully make children, thus we are all the descendants of men with a very specific form of mental illness that made it difficult for them to see the horrendous nature of women’s behavior.

Because of the nature of the society we live in, thinking a woman is pure and good is no longer a benefit; it is a trait which will completely destroy you. We need to recognize that these are vile creatures who want to hurt us, and deal with them accordingly.

Never forget: women are so stupid, they will literally take advice from talking snakes promising them some entertainment, then they will suck their own husbands into the scheme.