A Pro-Rape Political Platform Shouldn’t be Dismissed Simply Because Sargon Lost

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 10, 2019

Mister Metokur has produced a documentary about the rise and fall of the revolutionary political leader Sargon of Akkad, who was the first politician in history to make rape the center of his political platform.

Metokur takes an extremely negative view of Sargon’s campaign, which I find to be unwarranted.

I simply do not think we can dismiss a pro-rape platform as politically nonviable simply because Sargon failed to win his election. In fact, if anything, Sargon proved that people are extremely interested in the issue of rape, and really like to do interviews with political figures who promote it.

I think that most likely, Sargon lost the election not because he is pro-rape, but because he is fat.

And possibly also because people spread a leaked beard removal app image of him among the electorate, and that was not flattering.

The fact is, most people think women deserve to be raped, and are more than ready to rally around a political figure who makes rape a key election issue.

However, one of the most unpopular things is fatness.

Until I see a pro-rape politician who is not fat lose an election, I am not willing to accept the idea that the promotion of rape is not a winning electoral strategy.

It is also possible that Sargon did win the election, but it was meddled in by the Jewish Mossad, who wanted Nigel Farage to win because of his Philosemitism.

Also, Sargon was denying the Holocaust.

Or like, saying he didn’t care that it happened or whatever, which is actually funnier than denying it.

We could well be dealing with a situation where the Mossad changed the vote counts.