A Practical Solution to Some of Our Problems

Sven Longshanks
Daily Stormer
August 10, 2015

If we don’t want British beaches to end up looking like this, then we need to start promoting practical solutions within the law.

I think we may have a workable solution to some of our problems, that nobody could argue against without admitting that they had been lying.

This solution could not only help the Greek economy get back on its feet, it could also get rid of all the asylum seekers and illegal immigrants in Europe.

We are told that the reason we cannot deport the non-White refuse festering at Calais while it prepares to invade Britain, is because we have nowhere safe that we can deport it to.

Well how about we deport them to somewhere in Europe, somewhere that is desperate for money and has had its tourism industry ruined by them?

We could pay Greece to lease some of its islands to us. This would give them a large amount of money to help with their economy.

We could pay the inhabitants of a few Greek islands to move and then place all the illegal immigrants and asylum seekers on them.

They could then live there in their tents, with guards living in the vacated houses in order to ensure the rule of law.

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Not for much longer, if we follow Australia’s legal precedent.

There is already infrastructure there, so they would have water and telecommunications.

We could feed them with the same basic foodstuffs as Africa gets, which is the absolute bare minimum to survive on and has already been assessed as good enough to live on by the EU and the UN.

I am sure it would not be long before they would be claiming the war in their own homelands had now died down and they wanted to go home.

They could not claim they were being treated badly, as they would be safe from being shot at, or conscripted, or whatever else it is they say they are fleeing from.

If they are genuine asylum seekers, then they will not be seeking an improvement to their own country’s living conditions, but will just be wanting temporary sanctuary from war, which is all that they would then be getting.

They would be in the EU with the EU rules that they like so much, enforced by guards living in the vacated Greek houses. They would be living in refugee tents, the same as the standard refugee camps that they get in Turkey and elsewhere.

Refugee camp in Turkey.

This would solve the problem of immigrants throwing away identity papers and not telling the authorities where they are from, so we cannot deport them back.

We could just remove them to the island until they beg us to take them back to where they originally came from.

This would solve the problem of not being able to deport the lot of them from Calais.

This would solve the problem of life in Europe seeming better than at home to them, as they would have nothing more than in any of the other refugee camps in the third world.

This would solve the problem of the EU and the UN saying there is nowhere else for them to go.

This would solve the problem of the human rights groups saying we have to look after them, as we would be looking after them and they would be under our laws and in Europe.

They would have water, shelter, communications and rationed food aid.

This would cost the other nations in Europe, but nowhere near the cost that it is now.

Refugee camp in Britain.

The only problems I can see is the NGOs saying they are not getting medical care, but the medical charities could deal with that the same as they do in the other refugee camps.

Some of the Greeks might not be too happy, but if the islanders were paid enough to leave I am sure they would be fine, also the tourism industry has crashed in those islands due to the invasion anyway.

The immigrants would then not be able to complain, as they would be staying at what used to be highly desirable holiday resorts.

This would also keep the savages off the Greek mainland and reinvigorate the Greek economy, as they would be making a lot of money from leasing the islands for the purpose.

Surely this has got to be worth a try, it has worked very well for Australia, who have done something similar by sending them all to New Guinea.

They get no boat people at all there now that all they provide is political asylum and nothing else.

They have also set a legal precedent that we would be stupid not to follow.

Australia’s refugee camp in New Guinea – it did not take long before the freeloaders and parasites were begging to go back to their homelands.