A Moment of Silence for Silent Sam

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
August 22, 2018

I’m surprised that it took this long.


Protesters toppled the Silent Sam Confederate statue on the campus of UNC-Chapel Hill on Monday night.

The monument was ripped down after 9:15 p.m. Earlier in the evening, protesters covered the statue with tall, gray banners, erecting “an alternative monument” that said, in part, “For a world without white supremacy.”

Protesters were apparently working behind the covering with ropes to bring the statue down, which happened more than two hours into a rally. It fell with a loud clanging sound, and the crowd erupted in cheers.

After Silent Sam tumbled to the ground, people darted in and out of the crowd through a haze from smoke bombs. Atop the statue someone placed a black cap that said, “Do It Like Durham,” an apparent reference to the toppling of a Confederate statue there a year ago.

“Silent Sam” is just a statue of a archetypal Confederate soldier. It is a memorial to everyone who died fighting for the Confederacy during the war.


The statue was funded by the University Alumni and the United Daughters of the Confederacy. It was erected in 1913 as a memorial to the Confederate alumni who lost their lives in the American Civil War and all students who joined the Confederate States Army.


Forced to fight for a bunch of oligarchic, lazy, possibly Jewish landlords that kept him and his people down through use of scab/slave labor.

Usually, if you are interested in historical revisionism and historical redress, you target statues to leaders that you think were undeserving of said honors.

Like, toppling a statue of Lenin is one thing. But toppling a statue to dead Russian soldiers would be another, right?

Same thing for toppling, like, a statue of General Lee, as opposed to toppling the statue of the average soldier.

I mean, I think that General Lee was bretty based. But I could see how toppling his statue would be a political gesture.

But toppling statues dedicated to Southern soldiers… well, that sort of proves what the conspiracy theorists on the Right were saying for awhile. This isn’t about slavery, or about being anti-plantation owner or whatever. It’s not even a North vs South thing anymore. This is a direct attack on White people. 

This is what we’ve been saying. 

And now it’s just undeniably clear that “the South’ is just a proxy for all White people. Well… except the shitlibs who pulled the statue down, who think they are exempt.

“I’m one of you! There’s been a mistake! Take me to Bane!” They will shout.

And then they’ll also get the bullet, lol.

But until that moment, all these shitlib college students are a fuckin’ menace. Once they graduate, they’ll be in debt and unable to find a job with their useless degrees, and those Soros bucks are going to start looking pretty good.

And the way things are now, there’s no one to prevent them from tearing these statues down.

Because the coppers did nothing. They just came afterwards and stood around the fallen statue, looking like dumb cows.

So, effectively, these statues are as good as gone. All it takes is a large enough crowd of enraged shitlibs at this point.

And there won’t be another Charlottesville to intervene.

I wonder if any of the Southern heritage groups will even utter a peep about this. Probably not.

But take heart. 

Statues can be rebuilt and replaced. It is the people, the living people that we have to focus on now. Tradition is not the worship of ashes, but the veneration of the sacred flame, passed down from generation to generation.

All this does is wake more White people up.

There’s a Maoist-style cultural revolution sweeping through America. There’s no use denying it anymore.