A Modern Battle of New Orleans: Antifa vs. White Patriots

NOLA White League
Daily Stormer
May 2, 2017

New Orleans was the most populous city of the Confederacy. Dozens of streets and buildings bear the names of Confederate heroes. Four monuments – Confederate President Jefferson Davis, General Robert E. Lee, General PGT Beauregard and the Liberty Monument – have been seen by millions of tourists and are loved by the people of New Orleans and Louisiana. These monuments have been targeted by the Leftist Democrat Mayor of New Orleans Mitch Landrieu, for removal, and he’s using a largely Jewish and Black community (Marxist) group called “Take’m Down NOLA” to incite local leftists to show up to city council meetings to push this agenda.

After local White residents lost two lawsuits attempting to stop the destruction of the monuments, the city has moved forward with removal starting with the Liberty Monument, erected in 1891 to commemorate the Battle of Liberty place on September 14, 1874.

The Liberty monument was saved in the early 90’s by David Duke and his supporters, who took the city to court and won a Federal court injunction against the city for attempting to remove it.

Nonetheless, the Federal Court order that David Duke won 25 years ago was ignored by the current judge who bundled all the monuments together and it was the first to be removed and destroyed, two weeks ago in the middle of the night by local firemen wearing bulletproof vests, while police swat snipers looked on. Note: The firefighters & their cohorts in crime wore face masks, while the public is forbidden to.

The battle has now moved to the smaller of the remaining monuments – Jefferson Davis. Though this monument is located in a predominantly Black neighborhood, locals could care less about removing the monument. About 30-40 monument defenders have been keeping an around the clock vigil, which has brought out the bunch of degenerate college sluts, beta males, dykes, fags and of course, Jews. Unfortunately, there’s a local hipster bar next to the monument, and as it gets later, these degenerate pieces of human garbage start their chants of “Fuck of Nazis.” Earlier this week they even started coming across the street to confront monument supporters.

On Tuesday, one monument supporter after being acosted, beat the shit out of an Antifa type in front of the cops (who were Black). A few Nationalists showed up wearing camouflage fatigues with their faces covered like Antifa (wearing masks is illegal in Louisiana). A White Antifa guy got in one of their faces and was told that if he touched him again, he’d knock him the fuck out. The Antifa fag tested him and got knocked out cold for a good two minutes. A rabble rousing kike, who admitted he was a gay Jew called the cops, but when the cops arrived, they almost arrested the Antifa fag. After that, the Jew left. Good times!

On Wednesday, both CNN and BBC showed up. A brave women who stood with David Duke when he was defending the Andrew Jackson statue last year, came out with her beautiful adopted daughter from Russia. Both of them were getting right in the faces of Antifa – it was beautiful.

Later Wednesday night, a local Jew showed up dressed in a suit looking like an Orthodox rabbi. He started taking pictures of all the monument supporters while calling them “cowards” and “hillbillies.” He got in the face of one of our people and got his camera knocked back. Of course, the kike started immediately screaming “If you touch me again … I’m warning you.” The guy told him that if he came by him again, he’d knock him the fuck out. So he moved to the other side of the monument and started harassing some elderly women. As we all know, the Jew cries out in pain as he hits you.

On Friday night, an insane Jewish woman, who was actually a monument supporter, had a small Israeli flag next to her when the same rabble rousing, Orthodox-looking Jew showed up again wearing the exact same outfit. But this time he brought with him a young White girl, probably from the bar next door. Then the craziest thing happened. The White girl saw the Israeli flag and asked, “Is that an Israeli flag? You know you Jews don’t want to keep the monument up, your just trying to make our people think Jews are on our side when you Jews are why our race is under attack.” The Jewish women said, “Yes, I want the monument up.” Then the girl said, “You lying dirty, fucking Jew. Next time the holocaust is going to be real and we’re going to get every fucking last one of you.” She then started screaming “Fucking Jew” and “that flag represents everything that’s evil in the world!” The Orthodox Jew just stood there and looked like he was going to faint. My mouth dropped! Well, well Jews! Looks like everyone wants to settle some scores.

Though there have been several fights ending in Antifa idiots getting beaten down, most of the opposition was disorganized. Saturday night this changed, when degenerate sluts and a hand full of idiots (and even a Korean born Antifa) showed up with a huge banner reading “Take Them All Down” on three tall PVC poles. The banner was tall enough to block the flag supporters from being seen by people riding the street cars and driving by on their way to JazzFest, a yearly local music event. Some of our guys drove their trucks behind the banner and stood on the roofs with Confederate flags over the banner. One legit Antifa showed up with one of their flags dressed like a fashion skinhead from the 90’s with two obviously gay “bodyguards.” Tensions were high and the only reason a full riot didn’t break out was due to many cucked conservative types begging everyone to tone it down and claiming they had inside info that the police were waiting around the corner for a fight so they could arrest everyone.

These protests are happening every night and we need as many people as possible to come at support our comrades in this fight.

For those who can’t help us in the streets, we have compiled a list of the Antifa protesters so everyone can see the type of people we’re dealing with.

Update: Since this article we written, approx 150 Antifa showed up on May 1st and attacked those guarding the monument. These defenders were mostly elderly people who weren’t prepared for this type of confrontation. As of 9:30pm cst the Marxists have taken over the monument. We will update everyone when we get more details.

In the meantime, meet some of the local New Orleans Antifa.

And more pictures just for the fun of it: