A List of Republican Traitors…!

Vince James of The Red Elephants might not know how to dress – but he sure knows how to make a list!

He’s put together a running list of the Republicans who have betrayed our Real President and embraced the usurper and fake president Joe Biden.

It’s a lot more than just Mitt Romney…!

All these people have betrayed our president by publicly denouncing him and saying that the usurper won legitimately:

  • Mitt Romney – UT
  • Marco Rubio – FL
  • Mike Shirkey – MI
  • Mike DeWine – OH
  • Brian Kemp – GA
  • Brad Raffensperger – GA
  • Pat Toomey – PA
  • Liz Cheney – WY
  • Doug Ducey – AZ
  • Larry Hogan – MD
  • Fred Upton – MI
  • John Cornyn – TX
  • Paul Mitchell – MI
  • James Lankford – OK
  • Lisa Murkowski – AK
  • Ben Sasse – NE
  • Susan Collins – ME
  • Jim Durkin – IL
  • Dan Young – AK
  • Francis Rooney – FL
  • John Shimkus – IL
  • Adam Kinzinger – IL
  • Paul Mitchell – MI
  • Don Bacon – NE
  • Tom Reed – NY
  • Will Hurd – TX
  • John Kurtis – UT
  • Denver Riggleman – VA

Republican politicians have remained silent, while also allegedly expressing hatred for our great (and very real) President:

  • John Thune – SD
  • Rob Portman – OH
  • Lamar Alexander – TN
  • Roy Blunt – MO
  • Mike Braun – IN
  • Todd Young – IN
  • Tim Scott – SC
  • Rick Scott – FL
  • Chuck Grassley – IA
  • Richard Burr – NC
  • Martha McSally – AZ
  • Jerry Moran – KS
  • Pat Roberts – KS
  • Richard Shelby – AL

Simply remaining silent is not enough!

The people from both lists must be removed from office!

We cannot tolerate traitors!

These people have always hated Trump because he gets in the way of their ability to serve their donors in the corruption orgy that is Washington, D.C. They view this as their time to strike against him by siding with the usurper!

What has happened instead is that they’ve shown their true colors!

We should have used the primary system a long, long time ago to get rid of these people. Primaries are usually decided by money – but we could have changed that.

Now, here we are, in the moment of truth – and we’re getting stabbed in the back!

These people are not simply betrayers of the country – they are criminals! They are complicit in massive fraud! They need to be charged with crimes!