A Liberal Jew is Shocked into Convulsions by the Chinese View of Baltimore

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 12, 2015

rothschild chinese nigger reaction
Viola Rothschild simply cannot fathom the hatred of these gooks.

The Jewish rat Viola Rothschild, who lives in China, was shaken to her very core to find out that Chinese people don’t feel the same way as Jews about the Baltimore riots, and in fact acknowledge behavioral differences between racial groups.

Writing for Foreign Policy, Rothschild is simply astounded that oppressed slant-eyed Chinamen wouldn’t side with oppressed colored people against the White oppressor, and instead would view Black behavior as something that Black people are responsible for.

She writes:

Several days ago, a Chinese friend and I were discussing the protests in Baltimore that erupted in response to the death of resident Freddie Gray in connection with his April 12 arrest by city police officers, who have since been charged with crimes including manslaughter and murder. My friend said he was first surprised that such a level of civil unrest could occur in the United States. But “when I saw that all the people protesting and getting arrested were black people,” he added, “it made more sense. That would never happen with white people.” (I was unable to convince him otherwise.)

“Convince him otherwise” in this case means “convince him that White people would riot and burn down their own neighborhood if a White man died in police custody.”

The fact that everyone knows that White people don’t do that and wouldn’t do that means nothing.  It is important to believe that they would, even though it is obviously not true, because holding this false belief contributes to the belief in racial equality, which Jews falsely allege contributes to racial harmony (in fact it does the opposite).

But the Chinese are swallowing that pill.

My friend is well educated and is, in most respects, a reasonable person. But like many other Chinese, he has a facile preconceived set of notions about black people that stem from a historical lack of contact. There’s little or no effort here to distinguish between Africans, African-Americans, African-Europeans, Afro-Caribbeans, or recent African migrants to China. They all fall under a homogenous umbrella – hei ren, or “black person” – attended by a variety of sweeping stereotypes, including a proclivity for violence and crime.

Yes, Chinese do not make a categorical distinction between people who are genetically identical and behave in an identical fashion based on their geographic location.  Presumably, they do make a geographical distinction, Ms. Rothschild – for instance, if you asked your Chinese friend “what is the difference between a African Black and a Haitian Black?” he would probably respond “one lives in Africa and one lives in Haiti.”

A Chinaman upon hearing more Blacks will soon be arriving on the shores of his country.
A Chinaman upon hearing more Blacks will soon be arriving on the shores of his country.

The idea that they do not all have a proclivity for violence and crime is simply a lie.  Statistics prove that wherever Blacks are, they engage in violence and crime.  The proportionality of this is based on the amount of opportunity to engage in violence and crime (so rural Blacks commit less crime than urban Blacks, simply due to having less opportunity).

These are just facts.  And of course the feminized West will simply deny documented facts in order to get the social treats you Jews reward them with for doing so, but the Chinese simply aren’t interested in playing this game, which they perceive as a form of insanity.

She then she tells us of a Chinese column she read in the People’s Daily about the Baltimore riots, and is shocked by the comments section.

What I saw online was broadly consistent with my findings in the field. The majority of netizen comments focused on the race of the protestors, not the underlying reasons for the protests, or the fact that they occurred Stateside. And they were nasty. More than one user chalked the behavior up to “black people being black people,” while posts referring to “black devils” were not hard to find. One user complained that black people “lack self-discipline and family values,” adding, “this group is pouring into China. I hope the government will take steps to prevent this.”

Oh the horror.  The sheer horror of it.  Chinese people see Blacks rioting and say they don’t want them coming to their country and doing the same.

The sentiment may be perfectly logical in every possible be respect, but what is much more important: it is pure hatred.

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  1. True white people don’t burn things. Instead they just shoot up a movie theater or church instead, which is the impression Chinese people have of white Americans.

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