A Glimpse Into the Future: University of Edinburgh Bans White Voices!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
October 2, 2019

It’s hard for everyone above the age of 40 to accept, but you would be hard-pressed to find a university that isn’t an anti-White indoctrination center in 2k-19.


The University of Edinburgh has allowed a ‘Resisting Whiteness 2019’ event to proceed at its venue, even though there was outrage over organizers’ rules, which limited white people’s access to a microphone and to certain rooms.

The conference, aimed at raising awareness about “the importance of anti-racist action in the UK” took place at Pleasance Theater, owned by the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, on Saturday.

It was organized by a group tellingly named ‘The Resisting Whiteness Collective,’ which describes itself as a “not-for-profit grassroots organization of QTPOC [Queer and Trans People of Color] activists.” While touting the event, the group said that it wants to make it “as accessible as possible and therefore have free tickets available for those who would like to attend.”

However, it seems not everybody was welcome. The rules published on the conference’s official website state that if an attendee is white, they will have no right to ask questions, at least publicly. The rule, introduced to “amplify the voices of people of color” said that “priority will be given to questions from people of color in the audience.”

I do not know why anyone would decide to be conservative and a college student. That appears to be a losing proposition.

For God’s sake, people need to get a clue already.

I would not recommend it to anyone. 

In fact, I wouldn’t recommend going to college for anyone who’s White anymore. I mean, get your STEM degree at the state college, sure. But forget about places like Edinburgh – both the city and the university are populated by anti-White nutjobs. Very few universities are worth your time so don’t listen to your parents trying to force their inane advice on you to go.

 Jordan, take note: this is how you give useful advice to the kids.

And to any Boomers reading now, I have a very important message:


Let’s go down a shortlist of reasons here:

  1. They are anti-White, anti-male indoctrination factories
  2. They give a bad return on their investment
  3. No one gets laid there anymore (except your whore daughter who is getting railed by niggers in brutal “ghetto gangbangs” – sorry to inform you)
  4. Too many mind-frying study drugs
  5. Why would you pay good money to hang out with trannies, wahmen and minorities? You can get that for free on the subway

The madness ends when the Boomers stop subsidizing their Alma Maters with money, when graduates stop paying huge sums to participate in Homecoming and when there’s a collapse in kids being shipped off to be “educated.”

All that’s really going to happen is that their kids are going to get caught up in an I.N.C.E.L. terror attack.

There is no salvaging the universities, we can only starve them into submission.