A Few Recent Examples of “Freedom of Speech” in Western Democracies

Destroy Zionism!
July 18, 2013


  • Varg Vikernes was arrested in France for supposedly “planning a massacre”. The only “evidence” was that his wife had legally bought four rifles. As they are survivalists striving to become self-sufficient, there is nothing odd in buying rifles for hunting and self-defense. News articles quote the French police as admitting that Vikernes’ racist and anti-Semitic writings on the net were a decisive factor behind the arrest, and that the police has been monitoring Vikernes’ blog for a while… They are now released, but Vikernes may have to appear in court because expressing racist thoughts is illegal in democratic France. Additionally, his family will no longer have the right to legally own weapons for self-defense. The police also confiscated computers.
  • In France, three nationalist groups were disbanded after a Communist thug died from injuries he sustained during a fight. Apparently it was irrelevant that it was the Communist who provoked the fight.
  • In France, Twitter agreed to reveal the names of Twitter users who expressed anti-Semitic opinions, after the Jewish student organization UEJF (Union of Jewish Students of France) sued them. The personal information of the thought criminals will be submitted to the French police.
  • In France, the Jewish organization CRIF is trying to censor a TV mini-series which they describe as anti-Semitic.
  • In Germany, 700 police officers raided the homes of nationalists, seizing computers, documents and weapons in an attempt to ban a nationalist organization.
  • In Germany, hotels have decided to not let historian David Irving rent a room when he visits the country because of his beliefs.
  • In Austria, a National Socialist was sentenced to 18 months in prison (!) for posting pictures of Adolf Hitler on Facebook.
  • Facebook removed an official fan page of the site Kuroc.info, after complaints from the ADL and the “Hungarian Jewish community’s Budapest-based Action and Protection Foundation”. Joel Rubinfeld, co-chair of the European Jewish Parliament, praised the censorship, saying that “the deletion of the Facebook page of Kuruc.info is a first victory. Now, the actual website Kuruc.info, which is the non-official front of the Jobbik neo-Nazi party, must be shut down.”
  • The ECHR (European Court of Human Rights [not including the rights to freedom of speech and association]) upheld a ban on the Hungarian nationalist group Magyar Gárda. The ECHR’s reasoning: “in the court’s view, the events organised by the Movement amounted to a danger of violence, generated conflict, attacked public order and peace and violated the right to liberty and security of the inhabitants of the villages, even if each of the demonstrations, strongly controlled by police forces, had finished without any acts of actual violence.”
  • In Sweden, the police is yet again investigating the National Socialist site Nordfront.se because of “hate speech” in comments made by users on the site.

All of this just in the recent couple of weeks. See more exampes in the Freedom of Speech category.