A Brownskin Says What No White Man Dares To

Diversity Macht Frei
May 25, 2017

Not a single person in public life, not one journalist and not one politician in the “far lite” parties like UKIP, Front National, AfD, etc. dares to call for a ban on Muslim immigration. Instead they propose petty gestures like banning burkas or sharia courts. So intimidated by political correctness are they that not even the EDL or Tommy Robinson call for a ban on Muslim immigration despite polls showing that 47% of the British people would support one. But here we have a brownskin, Tanweer Ahmed, saying what no white man dares to. He is a Muslim and works for Rebel Media, run by Ezra Levant, so he is part of the Counterjewhad scene.

A short term response of restricting Islamic immigration is reasonable and one supported by majority opinion throughout Europe according to a February Chatham House poll. The surge in ridiculously titled Far Right parties throughout Europe is further testament to such support.

How can groups that are democratic, nonviolent and attract the support of over one third of the population be called Far Right? We know from local Essential polling that virtually half of Australians support the same policy locally.


This is what it has come to. We are dependent on brown people taking pity on us for essential truths to be uttered. Of course, a brownskin almost certainly won’t be prosecuted for hate speech for saying this; while someone of European ethnicity would be. So the roots of this fear lie in a justice system built on racial tyranny that systematically discriminates against the majority population.

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