A Brief Note From the Artist as He Is

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 13, 2017

Isle of the Dead: Third version, Arnold Böcklin, 1883

The singular purpose of this site is to invoke racial hatred against Jews, to the end of fomenting political revolution against this evil force which aims to destroy all beauty in the universe.

In my own mind and heart, I consider myself an artist first, rather than any sort of political figure. An artist’s role is not the creation of beauty, but the preservation of beauty. A writer, a painter, a photographer, a musician does not create beauty, he simply preserves it, it having been channeled through him by God. He gives a record of a beauty which existed independently of him, as all things which exist do so independent of any man.

The protagonist of this site, the Andrew Anglin who writes most of these articles, shares my name but is not my true self; he is an artistic rendering of a character who exists independently of me. Regular readers are of course aware of this, as I do not always write in the Andrew Anglin voice, even while publishing under that byline.

This site is an artistic project of mine, above all else. As stated, the goal of the art is political, and is straightforward. Though the motivation is purely spiritual.

I do this out of what I perceive to be immediate necessity, not necessarily because it is the project I would most like to devote my short time on this earth to. I do this because an end of white civilization would mean an end to all art and all beauty in the universe. As an artist, my primary duty is to art and to beauty, and in the sad age I was born into, it falls on me to do what I can to ensure the continuation of the white European civilization.

That is why I run this website, it is why I have willingly become the most hated man on the planet. I have done this for love of beauty, and for the desire to preserve it. For the Jew, as an eternal force of ugliness and all that goes with it – darkness, death, destruction and evil – seeks not simply to destroy the beauty around it, but to ensure that nothing beautiful can ever exist again, and this includes making it so that all beauty of ages past is destroyed.

The goal of the Jew is an erasure of existence itself.

And as an artist exists only to preserve beauty, any true artist, in this age of ours, exists only to fight and to destroy the Jew.

Homer told the story of the Odyssey, because God told him that he must.

Callicrates and Ictinus built the Parthenon, because God told them that they must.

Plato wrote Apologia Sokratous, because God told him that he must.

Publius Ovidius Naso wrote Metamorphōseōn librī, because God told him that he must.

Vespasian built the Amphitheatrum Flavium, because God told him that he must.

Maurice de Sully built Notre-Dame de Paris, because God told him that he must.

Dante Alighieri wrote Divina Commedia, because God told him that he must.

Michaelangelo painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, because God told him that he must.

William Shakespeare wrote Macbeth, because God told him that he must.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart composed Die Zauberflöte, because God told him that he must.

Arthur Schopenhauer wrote Die Welt als Wille und Vorstellung, because God told him that he must.

And Adolf Hitler built the Third Reich, because God told him that he must.

All were but men, who channeled the beauty of the universe into a work of art, to preserve that beauty for the sake of men, who would become inspired by it, inspired to live lives of purpose and meaning.

We stand at a point where all of that beauty, all of the the beauty of the natural world, all of the beauty time lays waiting to bring forth, could be completely erased from existence.

I would never dare compare myself to any of the men I have mentioned, but only in that my purpose is the same as their purpose: to preserve the beauty of the universe.

For the universe exists for one reason: because it is beautiful.