Unwanted Ivanka Chit-Chatting with Hated Globalists Trump Promised to Fight!

Daily Stormer
July 1, 2019

Look how chummy they all are! Heart-warming stuff!

Ivanka “Whore of Babylon” Trump is angling for a career in preparation for when her father, Donald Trump, is out of office.

It’s completely unclear who her constituency would be, given that she is totally hated by the left because she is the Spawn of Orange Man, and she is probably more hated by the right, as she is viewed – rightly so – as the one shoving “globalism” (AKA Jewishness) into the Trump administration.

It’s like she lives in some kind of fantasy world.


A video published by the French government showing Ivanka Trump chatting with world leaders at the G20 summit in Osaka, Japan has sparked a flood of reaction.

The French presidential palace released footage of the awkward conversation on its Instagram account, showing the US president’s daughter chatting with a host of heavyweight political players including French President Emmanuel Macron, UK Prime Minister Theresa May, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and IMF chief Christine Lagarde.

It was awkward because Ivanka came off as completely retarded – as usual.

Trump, 37, can be seen nodding in apparent agreement as Macron talks about “social justice.” May then chimes in to say: “As soon as you start talking about the economic aspect of it, a lot of people start listening who wouldn’t otherwise listen.”

What a sick joke.

Neither Macron nor May (nor Merkel for that matter) give a shit about social justice. Macron brutalized hundreds of demonstrators only a few months ago with his paramilitary Globo-Homo Janissary force and May flat-out ignored the British people’s vote to leave the EU.

At that point, Trump herself gets involved, noting the “male-dominatednature of defence. Her interjection appeared to inspire a look of severe disapproval from Lagarde, and many took to social media to note the 63-year-old’s facial expression.

What a shill.

Ivanka is a completely dyed-in-the-wool libshit who believes everything that the people who elected her father absolutely hate. No one voted for Ivanka, and yet there she is, talking to world leaders as if she’s an equal (probably because she’s Trump’s senior handler) and talking about getting more Captain Marvels into the military-industrial complex.

Numerous people noted Lagarde’s “side eye” and claimed she was throwing “shade” at Trump. “Watch Lagarde’s face when Ivanka Trump tries to get into the conversation,” broadcaster Jeremy Vine said while sharing the video.

She looked like she was trying to hex everyone in the room – and everyone watching the video for that matter.

Basically the whole time she was just going around getting in people’s way, pretending there was some reason for her to be there other than that her husband is operating as a Mossad agent.

Both the left and right – which hate her – aligned to create a kind of good meme regarding her presence at the G20.


I mean, yeah, those memes aren’t really very funny, definitely no Aloof Moslem, but okay whatever – it’s a normie meme.

But surely, if Trump actually wanted to bring the country together, it is very obvious that the best thing for him to do would be to fire Ivanka.

The left doesn’t know that she and Jared are their agents, because they’re too stupid to even know that their agenda is the Jewish agenda. So much more than Jared’s plan to release all of the blacks from prison – which was insane, and which Trump was absolutely NOT praised by the left for doing – people would all cheer when Jared and Ivanka got the boot.

As problematic as Trump has become, people still love him. You can’t hardly actually hate him. And really, it all is Ivanka’s fault. If there wasn’t an Ivanka, there wouldn’t be a Jared, and the Jews wouldn’t have a direct line into Donald Trump’s family. I think he would still be doing some of this Israel stuff, but not to this insane degree. And anyway, the domestic agenda is clearly being directly thwarted by these two. If he got them out, we could at least get a wall and some deportations.

If Jared and Ivanka went, Mike Pompeo and John Bolton would go – they are Kushner specials.

This whole thing where Trump just loves his daughter so much he can’t do anything but please her is like some kind of Greek tragedy.