93% of Parents Worry About the Mental Health of Their Kids

What the government is doing in the name of the virus is objectively damaging children.

Study Finds:

While out-of-work adults and seniors may be bearing the brunt of mental health issues during the pandemic, parents aren’t forgetting about quarantine’s toll on their children. A new study finds the majority of American parents are worrying about their child’s mental health more than ever.

A OnePoll survey asked 2,000 American parents how their kids are coping with the pandemic overall while attending school remotely. Nearly 1,800 of the respondents say their children are currently participating in some form of remote learning.

An overwhelming 93 percent shared they have concerns about their child’s mental health as the pandemic wears on. Seven in 10 of these respondents say they’re more concerned than ever before. Overall, four in 10 parents polled say their child is no longer showing interest in classes they usually enjoy. Another 27 percent add their child no longer has an interest in their favorite hobbies as well.

Commissioned by Lightspeed Systems, 42 percent of parents report their child is struggling to turn in assignments on time. The survey also finds parents are expressing concern about the lack of social interaction youngsters have with their peers (35%).

For the 93 percent of parents concerned about their child’s mental health, 66 percent want to discuss it with their kids but don’t know how to approach the issue. Additionally, 56 percent of these respondents also believe their child is showing signs of depression.

Who even expected kids to care about school when they hear crazy talk about a virus, a pandemic, death tolls, rushed vaccinations, and forced isolation?

Depression in kids is a much more dangerous threat to society than the flu. It is an actual threat to public health.

But it works out for our rulers, because the pandemic isn’t about protecting public health. Depressed kids can be told that they’re unhappy because they’re not who they really are, and instructed on how to fully be who they are.

If your kids are feeling down, remind them they can consensually mutilate their sexual organs.