911: Release the 28 Pages!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 21, 2016

You know who will give us the 28 page?

Donald Trump.

The 28 classified pages from a congressional report on 9/11 contain many details on who supported the attackers, but “nothing about national security,” members of Congress from both parties say as they urge President Barack Obama to release the pages.

We already know what’s hidden in these pages: Saudi Arabian officials funding the attacks.

As Saudi Arabian intelligence is just a branch of the Mossad, we would be one step closer to finding the Jews responsible for at the very least allowing these attacks to happen – and quite possibly for planning them.

The fact that Trump has vowed to give us these pages is another one of those “if for this reason only” reasons to vote Trump.

(Also note in the above clip at 1:40 Trump refers to “our people from Germany” – he means Whites!)